Long-term and constant money JV here-No Invesment!-US ONLY!!

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by elliot100, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Dec 24, 2010
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    Hello everyone,
    *United States Only*

    I am looking for few people to JV with them into my new venture. Each member = New venture, What I mean by that is that each member will have his own JV with me and we split 50-50.
    *For the start of each venture there will be invesment require. I will make 100% of the invesment, after I get my invesment back we split 50-50.
    *I will set up most of it by myself, but later on both of us will be able to work on it together.
    *You don't need any experience. You will learn in the process.
    *After we finish this up thats autopilot money for both of us.
    *I expect to get my invesment back in few days.
    *This is 100% whitehat and legit
    *Earning potential is endless

    I dont want to post any more details regarding it here. Eventually I will need only few in this JV, again, each member will have his own venture with me.
    Scale up is pretty endless, thats why I need only few for it, that I hope will turn into long-term relation.
    There is a point I need US only. If i were living at US I wouldn't have to open this JV in first place, so please, pme if you are from US and not other countries.

    *PMe with your Skype name.

    Thanks! :)
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    Nov 22, 2011
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    United States
    Hey man, very interested in working with you.
    PM me. or add on Skype: toughtrasher