LOL this guy thanked me after he signed up for my CPA - must read

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    lol this is what he wrote after he signed up:

    I'm moved by your sincere consideration...
    but in a pro bono / gratis giveaway... you
    needn't fret The recipient was meant to
    receive it... it it was generous for you to
    have gifted it. [​IMG]

    I shall keep your resource link close to the breast.
    And if I do venture to access it, will remain absolutely
    restrained and completely discrete. And in all honesty,
    trust me, that when working with adolescents where "abuse"
    is the operative word... "abuse" is something I avoid at all costs. [​IMG]

    Good luck with your new MAC.... they are indeed versatile and powerful.
    Take care and be well... thanks again for your most gracious philanthropy.