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    i've been working pretty hard lately so i don't get as much time on bhw .......but every now and then one of my guilty pleasures is checking out the "Reported Posts" section on the forum. It's kinda like watching a drunk guys fighting at a bar, you just can't help but look at what stupid, crazy, or brainless stuff people try to get away with posting here on bhw.

    if you're wondering where the 'reported posts' are, if you're running the main theme of BHW you won't find it.....atm, i'm running a different theme here on BHW than the standard black one.....i think the theme's called harro or something

    as part of this theme, i get a link called 'reported posts' in the 'community header' on the menu bar...

    sometimes if i'm lucky, i get to catch the reported posts before it's yanked...idk...stupid pple provide my w/good comedy relief sometimes.

    And yes, I gotta admit, i really really really feel bad for you mods, i don't know how you put up with most of the BS....

    if you aren't running the theme here's the link to the reported posts section.

    maybe it's a bit dark humor, but like i said, i've been working really hard and stuff....

    i liked the concept of the 'banned forum' that somebody thought up of a while back, but i can see how much f*ing work keeping a list like that up would

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    Thats an old script so its a little buggy most are already actioned but it doesnt pick up, and that only has a few sections we get much more than that :p