LOL Google

Imagine meeting Reddit person in real life. I hope you don't.
Facts. From people that I knew used that site , usually watches 5 different streams at the same time, is extremely overweight , at a point where they walk in shorts at -15 degree Celsius , just so they don't die from heat stroke. Also they prefer this goth girl dream , for each their own , but they are scared of a women interaction more than death.
That's a huge shift.
Google from Genius to a Joke in one year...

Poor decision to get into Reddit, this will get more spam and more misinformation from Left political views. So my advice is do not trust Google search anymore.
A random reddit users estimate sure seems in-line with Google's E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) principle.

"Websites must demonstrate expertise in healthcare topics, present content created or reviewed by medical professionals, and build authority through citations, awards, or recognition from authoritative medical bodies."

A professional doctor and neurosurgeon graduated from University of Reddit in the honorary class of 10k upvotes.
Soon Google will show all conspiracy theory as scientific Reddit fact.

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