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    LogAffiliate / Link Cloaker

    This package contains two main components:
    1. A PHP logging function
    2. A PHP redirection HTML page for Link Cloaking

    The function is used to log visitors who click on your affiliate links. It is designed to be used
    in a redirecting HTML page (sample provided). After logging the information about the visitor, the
    redirecting HTML sends them to the affiliate sales page.

    Use of the redirecting HTML page allows you to use affiliate links like:
    YourDomain. com/XM/product.html
    (where "XM" and "product" can be anything you want)
    which redirect to the actual affiliate links like:
    www .Product. com/?e=YourPayPal(at)YourDomain. com

    Benefits of this redirecting technique are:
    - The link URL is shorter
    - The link URL is your own domain (not that of some redirection service)
    - The URL the visitor sees does not look like an affiliate link
    - Your PayPal email address and/or affiliate ID are not visible to the viewer
    (until they order and land on the PayPal payment page)
    - Your PayPal email address is never visible to any web page scrapers
    (prevents SPAM and fraudulent use)

    Benefits of the logging function:
    - every visitor to your affiliate sales page is logged
    - you can optionally get an email each time you get a visitor to the link
    - email contains all the information in the log entry
    - each log entry gives you valuable information to track your visitors:
    - Timestamp containing: day, date, time and time zone
    - Affiliate/Product code that you set
    - Referrer URL (what web site and page the link was on)
    - IP address of the visitor
    - with this information you can see exactly where your visitors are coming from
    - by comparing the visitor log with your sales log, you can determine conversion rates
    from various promotional venues

    - For each visitor to your link, it logs an entry in the log file
    - If $DoEmail is set to true, it sends you an email
    - By creating separate customized "product.html" files with unique filenames and
    $ProdCode settings, you can track multiple affiliate products in the same log
    - Log Record Format (each field separated by a semi-colon):
    Affiliate/Product Code
    Referrer URL
    Requestor IP Address
    - Easy to customize (use a simple text editor), even by non-programmers
    - Easy to "install" (just copy and upload files)
    - Written in compatible PHP code
    - Comes with complete instructions

    - User should have some basic familiarity with web page coding
    - You must have your own web site that you can update
    - Web host must support PHP v4.3 or higher
    - If you want to use the LogAffiliateFunction.php code in an HTML file,
    your Web Host must allow interpretation of PHP code within .html file types
    (Check with your Web Host support for this setting)
    Otherwise, you must name your redirection pages like: product.php

    Assuming the following:
    - all files: function, web page and log file are in the same folder
    on your web server (for example: /XM/)
    - your product is called: productX (any name you want - shorter is better)
    - you named your redirection page: productX.html
    (web host must support PHP code within .html files)

    The link your prospects would use is: YourDomain. com/XM/productX.html

    You can ask any questions in this thread.

    Purchase of individual unlimited license for $10. may be made by PayPal payment to: sales(at)ArtfulWebSites.com - please specify "LogAffiliate script" when you order.

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