Locking content with like lockers... Google can't read it??


Sep 25, 2013
I am locking my content with like lockers , not popups, I let my viewers read a bit of the article then they must click the like button so that the other part of the article is unlocked, can google read the part that is locked under the like button or not?

I'm not sure if it can because I've ran an article through:


and it said that the part of the article which was unlocked was found as duplicate (in my website) and the other part which was locked under the like button was not found as duplicate...
why not just block the Google bot with .htaccess file so it never crawls your site.
thing is I want it to crawl.. I wanted the content under the like button to be read by google so it counts 700-800 words article and not the introduction 100-200 words
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