LockFly Is searching for new affiliates, up to $420 per sale

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    Hello BlackHatWorld.
    We at Lockfly.com are looking for new affiliate so sell our products.

    Our product is Secure Online Backup for the private and for the B2B market.

    We a will offer great commission on the products we sell. We have our own affiliate manager to administer and take care of all our affiliates.

    What to do:
    1. Go to lockfly.com/client/index.php?/affiliates/
    2. Click on "Become An Affiliate"
    3. Register new account
    4. Log in with the new account
    5. Click on Affiliate
    6. Click on "Become An Affiliate"
    7. Start promoting your affiliate URL.

    Special BHW promotion for all our affiliates: Get up to 50% discount on all of our products. Yuo will get the promotion when signing up for an account, alogn with the affiliate documentation.

    You will start at an awesome 40% comission just for signing up, and can go all the way up to 60%.

    Any questions, please send me an PM or answer to this thread.

    Best Regards
    CEO - Lockfly.com
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