Local SEO: Questions about a Method I just thought of

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    Going through my client's backlinks I find that some of the best links are from one particular coupon site they used about a year ago. These links were providing good juice for more than 6 months after the offer expired. The down-side to renewing this offer is that the coupon site has a minimum standard for the value of the discount (something on the order of 50%), and they want almost all of that discount for themselves. The customer gets half the discount, the coupon site gets the other half, and the business loses a HUGE chunk of money. The coupons generated a lot of volume, but my client actually lost money, and they are not interested in doing that deal again.

    However, as their SEO guy, I can see the value of the backlinks that deal created, and I'd like for them to try another deal that might also provide good backlinks, but it would need to be a much-more reasonable deal, say for example 10% off (and not 50%).

    Also, what would be optimum is if the deal could be run for a very limited time (say 7 days), but (hopefully) the backlink(s) generated would last much longer than that.

    So these are the parameters I'm looking for. The "method" I'm thinking of is to find a deal that isn't really much of a deal for the retail customer, doesn't cause significant loss of money to the business, but still provides good backlinks for SEO purposes.

    I'm doing a "Google Offer" which has resulted in a +1 in the SERPS (there's a tip for you-all). What I'm looking for is other opportunities to run other deals that provide the same kind of SEO payoff.

    I am aware of:
    Merchant Circle
    Google Places

    And am looking for others that might be able to give us this SEO benefit.
    Any ideas?
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