Local search tips and guide to get some good lead generation revenues

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by lockSeo, Jun 13, 2012.

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    I m in the Local search area i trying to tailor the best seo to get top 5 for 50 Kw in my niches and get some double listing as well to increase my traffic
    i usually make a 5-10 page unique content picture good/average on page
    directory submission
    couple of article
    couple of video
    first 3 month to let it cook
    then i used the special BHW services and get to rank site for a bit 1 2 month first page then stop doing seo site slide doing some new test on this one
    but building a slow profile make u rank easy on 2 3 pages then need some good to get to the top i making now test on few BHW services will report the result
    Any other approach will be gladly appreciated
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    Jun 5, 2012
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    This is what I do:
    -Create site- make sure I do microformatting all over site
    -create testimonials page with rich snippets
    - submission to data aggregators
    - drip 10-15 citations (only the top directories)
    - ping citations
    - bring in some videos (geo tag videos)
    - press release
    - create social media accounts
    - begin social engagement getting likes/shares
    - make 10-12 social profiles (digg, stumbleupon, etc.)
    - couple more videos
    - add some placemarks
    - drip some blog comments (high pr only)
    - Drip another 20 citations
    - Drip in reviews
    - build 5 web 2.0's with video embedded. Drop 5 posts on each web 2.0.
    - Small scrapebox/xrumer blast to the web 2.0's
    - Keep going through steps but progressively increase velocity.

    I only go hardcore on backlinks if I really have some heavy duty competition. Usually most businesses are light on backlinks and still rank well. I stick with this format and I usually get pretty good results even in big cities (i.e. los angeles, san diego, seattle, sacramento, dallas etc.). In smaller cities I can create a one-box essentially booting off the competition. I also scrape all citations for competitors in my city as well as in big cities and compare them with my own to see what I'm missing. Different niches seem to require slightly different directories. Any other questions, just pm me.
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