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Local marketing domination

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Eglobalmoguls, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Eglobalmoguls

    Eglobalmoguls Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jun 22, 2008
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    Just about done with a book for dominating local internet marketing on a local business level. If anyone has some good tricks with top level local map placement or advance geo keyword placement for social bookmarks or classifieds or something beyond for local domination please post it or pm me and i will give you a copy of the book when its down if its uselful information.

    Anyone here run a local service company and are killing it online... Let me know...

  2. bubbles

    bubbles Newbie

    Feb 19, 2007
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    Here's a little tip I found by accident that wont work for all products, it depends on the product or service name and niche, and if you can also sell it online as well as offline and its not 100% geo targeted (at first) but may work for a few. Will try to explain.

    While trying to mask my bh efforts a bit online, I put a fake address in for google local (for a product (I CAN SELL LOCALLY AND TO ANYONE ONLINE FROM ANYWHERE) and further used it when I realised the significance by putting it as a main page keyword too.

    Look at place names in your target country, do any of them match the product that your selling?
    Lets me give you an imaginary wild example, you live in a New York, but sell cars kits online, you site is called 'carkits'. If you can find a place/town named car or carkits use that as your address for listing, and a main site keyword. Or if you sell a book on the Dallas Cowboys, put your address as eg. house name, 'cowboys estates' Dallas. On the actual site, I still put the real local address small- it hasn't affected anything.

    I'm not going into detail of the product I actually used or in what country, but I did this and a brand new website for a very compeditive term, went to the top of google local in a matter of a week for its search term with no online promo. Over the next month it jolted my general site listing in google (non geo targted) for the keyword up high too in a month.It also went up high for the local 'real' area I was targeting after 8 weeks and has stayed there. I can only guess google ranked it high due to relevance, e.g cars, being sold from a town called cars, main site keyword was also made cars. I had no backlinks to it and didnt even submit it to se's. Its been there near a year riding high in all the listings.

    Initially this was done purely accidentally and on a fast throw away site I wasnt promoting online just offline I didnt do much seo or promo on it. Threw it up fast and ignored it online.

    I've since tried it with another product and keyword/name matched to an area and got the same result. Hope that was easy-ish to understand? :)

    It has worked well for me twice, don't know if others are aware of this tip but i've not seen it listed anywhere as yet, so guess its not just a fluke and a unique tip too!

    Do I qualify the book now? lol :) allways looking for local marketing tips.
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