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    Myspace Method

    Many of you are already ewhoring on the social network sites and alot of times its hard to get guys to sign up for them so I decided to try different techniques and found one that is believable.

    I started testing this method about 4 days ago and I have made around $180. Not a ton of money but I only put about 2 1/2 hours total if that into it.

    BULLETIN BOARDS are you friends.

    To make things go quicker for me this is the process I do.

    1. Create a dating blog with different ads on it. Just take a few articles on Ezine or PLR and reword them a bit or even use them since I doubt anyone is going to copyscape them. Articles based around how to get a hot girl, how to date online, how to improve their sex life, and anything related along those lines. When you have them sign up tell them they can pick which ever dating site they want to sign up for.

    The reason behind the blog is to tell these guys that your occupation is promoting dating sites and you only get paid if you meet your quota. I have tested a few different things with this:

    1. Offer to exchange a naughty photo in exchange for them completing the lead.

    (I actually had one guy fill out several dating sites just to get new nude pics)

    2. Just take a bit of time to answer and if they are really into you they will assume you are to busy to chat with them or chatting with other guys. Message them back saying no I'm not chatting with other guys I'm working. Again you do the "gotta meet my quota" maybe you can help me? That would be one less I have to do and will give me more time to chat with you.

    Personally I think number 1 works best. They think they are helping you out and they get a hot pic in return. Alot of times they will be willing to help you out with more pics.

    Now as far as pictures go with someone that looks natural. Hot but not porno type. Most guys on facebook/myspace by now really know who looks real and who doesn't. Also try to find pictures that allow the girl to have different outfits on. This makes it also seem more real.

    Once you have done your dating blog and found your photos you will now need to create a myspace account. If you chose a blonde then create something like sassyblonde09 or a redhead then make it like spicyred69.

    Use the mypsace friend blaster or other methods and to add as many friends as possible. Tell them you are bored and looking for someone to come keep a hot girl company.

    When I want to do things other than dating I make bulletins such as "Vote for Coke Guys" , which is an email submit. I tell them that their vote helps boost my blog.

    Another bulletin I have done is "Let Me Help You Grow" which was for a viagra sample that I got paid for.

    It doesn't really have to be a dating blog but create the blog around a niche that you can place several different banners on the same site for. Dating was easy. I was able to place several different offers that paid me for free signups.

    You can also submit the blog and maybe get sales with whitehat methods as well. Also choose to add google adsene if you wish. The blog can be useful in more ways than one.

    Hope this helps someone.
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