Listing software that supports bulk via CSV etc..

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by password01, Nov 16, 2015.

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    So I am having some process getting my process for listing software down..

    What I do is automatically create my product listing using predefined product info and a HTML template, this gives me a bulk of individual HTML files and also all the images that I will need to upload to image hosting.

    I then have the opportunity to SEO each one of these generated listings, which is great.

    The problem I have is that I need a way to take the HTML files in bulk and list the items to eBay.

    I have tried using TurboLister but it seems to be messing up all my HTML when I paste it in.

    Is there any other software where I can create a bulk file that has all the listing information such as title, price, shipping, exclusions etc along with the HTML included. Then just bulk list.

    Perhaps this is what the File Exchange API/System does.

    Is anybody aware of any software that I should look into..

    Thanks guys..