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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by txholdem, Mar 1, 2016.

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    i thought the newest followers appear on the top. now i am not so sure.

    1, do they?
    2, does the sequence look the same for the follower, the followed, and a 3rd person?
    3, sequence remains the same for IG app, FL, and other 3rd part apps?

    reason i ask: i just followed a unpopular user, and when i check as a 3rd person, i am in the lower part of the list.
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    Usually, they were meant to be on the top of the follower's page, but since yesterday's update (on iOS) I noticed the same and I was a bit confused, too. I thought like: wtf?!

    But, I somehow noticed that it must have to do with the account size, 'cause if I check a big account, I can see that the list remains the same and new users seem to be added to the top.

    How many followers did that person have?

    PS: seems like every update IG is rolling out is just fckn up everything. Instead of improving, they're going steps backwards, at least for us :D
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