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    This is for anyone who sells SEO services.

    I have been in sales all my life and I get a lot of emails and sales calls, almost daily from people selling SEO services or something similar, and what I find is people do not seem to know the difference between features and benefits.

    Features are a characteristic of a service, or, what your service will do - ‘I'll get you to the top of Google'

    Benefits are what the client has to gain, or why this is important - ‘More people will visit your site'

    It is even worse when people just send you a list of things they will provide; 10 PR Releases, 500 Wiki, 600 Social bookmark. Any normal business owner does not have a clue what you are talking about - they are not even features, it's just a list of words.

    So here is a small list of benefits of SEO services rather than features. Please post your own, the more we get the more services we can sell, the more money we will make, therefore more financial security and peace of mind we will have (benefit, benefit benefit!)

    The feature you are selling is ‘getting people to the top of google' the benefits of this are:

    -more people will visit your site
    -you will get more enquires
    -increase your income
    -you'll save money as SEO is well known in the marketing industry to have the best ROI
    -people will be able to find you on their mobile
    -your company will have more credibility - being at the top shows you are the best
    -more people will trust that you are an established brand
    -you will increase your revenue!
    -you will make money while you sleep
    -your asset will continue to increase in value
    -you will be ahead of the competition

    A feature of this list is that you will stop sending me lists of SEO mumbo jumbo a the benefit is that I will actually read your email!
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