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    The Layer Cake
    1) When posting a list, state in the title the date of checking and type of proxies (HTTP, Socks 4/5). Example:

    8-27 - Socks 4/5 list

    2) Inside the thread, post what tool was used to check, the location of the checking machine, and your thread/timeout settings. Example:

    Checked with Charon
    Location: Germany
    25 Threads, 15 timeout

    3) When posting HTTP lists, either remove the Planetlab/Codeens or separate them from the rest of the list. If you don't know how, figure it out.

    4) Don't post crappy unchecked lists. If I recheck your list within an hour of it being posted and it's 90% bad we're gonna have a problem.

    5) If posting multiple lists the same day of the same type, don't make a new thread. Just make another post in the same thread for that day. Make a new thread if you're posting HTTP in the morning and Socks later in the afternoon, but there's no sense in posting an HTTP list thread every other hour and spamming the forum.

    6) Don't make throwaway "nice share" posts. Just use the thanks button.

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