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    Hope this list I compiled from multiple sources for the Top Press Release Sites that allow for followed Anchor Text Links (ATL) helps you.

    MarketWire -- Pay for Distribution

    I've tested PRWeb and PRLeap, and I've come away very unsatisfied. While these services do a nice job of getting your release out, take a look at how Google caches an old PRWeb or PRLeap release. It's nearly impossible to find a cached copy of your release on any websites beyond PRWeb or PRLeap. All you're buying is a link from these people.

    PRNewsWire, BusinessWire, and MarketWire have much larger distribution, and an old release submitted through these services is much more likely to have multiple cached copies in Google. More cached copies means more long-lasting link value.

    I would even go so far as to say that, after 5 months time, there's little difference between submitting your release to PRWeb/PRLeap and submitting your release to (where it's free).

    PRNewsWire, BusinessWire, and MarketWire work because they require an application, a healthy fee, and they have actual real editors that call you to discuss your release. That difference in quality means that Google and Bing place more value on what comes from these wires than PRWeb, PRLeap, etc.

    MarketWire is excellent for their SEO tuning option.

    Anyhow, there you have it. Hope it does some good. If you benefit please hit the THANKS and REP buttons.


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