List of Tier 2 SEO off page techniques

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    Hi. can anyone please provide me list of SEO off page techniques for Tier 2 link building strategy? Thanks
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    Cheap option:
    Go to Fiverr and buy social bookmarks / wikis / article links but be smart about it. Always take gigs that offer drip feeding and to be on the safe side don't get more than 10 links / day for each tier 1 link you own. (for example, if you have 20 tier 1 links, you wouldn't want anything more than 200 links / day)

    Not so cheap option:
    Get a bot (GSA SER being the best choice) and hammer your tier 1 links with PR1+ social bookmarks / wikis / article links / social networks etc. Then you can also easily build tier 3 links using blog comments and forum links.

    The good thing about building them with a bot is that you have more control. For example, you can use articles that have 3+ links. (linking out to random authority sites in addition to linking to tier 1 sites) This will drastically reduce any footprint you leave behind and make the whole process much safer for your money site in the long run.
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    Tier 2 should be Article Directories, Social Bookmarks, Press Release, Edu Blog comments, Yahoo Answers, Web 2.0 blast (Web 2.0s like jcow etc), Social shares, Web 2.0 Profiles Tier 3 - Wiki, Blog Comments, forum profiles etc
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