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List of Tested Adult Payment Processors and Thoughts

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by vintageadult, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. vintageadult

    vintageadult Regular Member

    Nov 28, 2014
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    Here’s the list of adult payment processors and my all thoughts about them;

    CCBill ; One of the biggest in adult , they have some strict aup policy for the content type, they don’t require 500/1000 $ fee for Mastercard , if you only use Visa. But they have lots of cuts; (like %16 for transaction, %5 for holding money, 15 $ for domestic transfer)
    They have Excellent support and separate teams.

    Epoch; Their best feature is , they accept paypal as a payment option with master card and visa. But you have to pay 500 or 1000 $ fee for yearly. I think it worths because you may double even triple your business sales with paypal via Epoch.
    But epoch has more strict policies for the content types and site-types. They only accept content owners and paysites may be the big fishes. Their support is good.

    Verotel; They are available to accept much more content types. No strict aup policy on them for the content types and website types. Because they are located in Netherlands. But you have to pay 500 $ fee of mastercard again on this. Also they do not accept every script, you have to use their script or use provided member plugins on wordpress.
    Their support is a bit serious and lazy. They dont answer their phones.

    Segpay; They have very strict aup policy for the type of content and websites. Fair support. You can disable 500 $ /1000 $ fee of mastercard if you only want Visa as a payment option.

    Dwolla; Tried but their support is bad, I cant able to fix problems on that.

    Bitpay; Good support. But buying bitcoin is too much complex for the adult visitors. They have to provide alternative buying options for bitcoins.

    Authorize.net; 49 $ start-up and 25 $ for monthly isnt for starters. They accept adult and they are able to find bank/processors for your website. But you even have to pay other money to their processors too..

    For Authorize.net and dwolla ; they only accept US based merchants and authorize is mostly used as a reporting system and its like a payment processor finder/ seeker for you. They look up and send your details to one of their processors/ banks and this will make you to transact via authorize.
    I can say its not as good as what you think because you will have to face many additional document sign ups and costs.

    Zombaio; I heard lots of negative feedback for them, their best feature is no need to pay 500 $ fee for mastercard, but it seems their ssl isnt correct and they require some additional documents about your identity. I dont know if its pay or not to their merchants but i can say their support isnt well.

    Netbilling; They accept adult but again their costs are too much;
    • Application fee of $99.00 ( Waived )

    • Non-Qual Rate 4.29% + .30¢ per transaction

    • Monthly statement fee of $10.00

    • High Risk annual fee $1000.00 (Directly from Visa and MC. Billed after merchant account is approved)

    Payoneer; They dont have credit card billing feature or buy now buttons options for adult websites.

    Paxum; They have buy now buttons but its useless, your customers have to have paxum account and it must be approved by paxum with lots of id info, very useless...

    Never tried but they have good reputation and support one of the biggest sites using them for transaction. They require much more documents to get accepted.

    Commercegate; Another good alternative but never tried.

    Paysafe card ; Never tried

    Webmoney; Never tried


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  2. DuckingOutstanding

    DuckingOutstanding Junior Member

    Dec 22, 2015
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    Oregon, USA
    Update: According to their site (today) they now require $500 Deposit for MC AND $500 Deposit for Visa within 21 days of account activation....thank you for the post btw