List of sites not to go!!, Dangerous Sites

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    Misspellings or misrepresentation Tactics, obviously, they used domain that almost the same as the original one.
    ---------------------------------------------- - Beware, links on the page prompt for download of star dialer. - Same as Again, beware of star dialer. - Same as and - Fishy executable present here. - Redirects to - I discovered this site while reading Sharmans copyright infringment complaint to - Old soulseek domain, that now links to a mainpeen dialer (scumware). - WinMX based scam.

    Regular P2P scam type sites
    ---------------------------------- - Looks to me to be just a cheap plug for an product (an MP3 CD player). - Not only do they link to yet another scam site, they also link to many forms of adware and spyware including
    gator and aluriaaffiliates. - Links to an existing scam site. - This one was being displayed on BeatKing through the Google ads - Claims it's legal; obviously a scam. - The main culprit is ( - Another claim of legality.

    Thanks me if you can.... :)
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