List of generic/organic anchors for anchor diversity

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    Apr 13, 2010
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    Many seo guys are looking for natural looking anchors to add them in there link building campaign which is a must after penguin update.

    So here is the list of generic anchor text which can help you provide some anchor diversity.

    go to the website
    • moved here
    • read review
    • my review here
    • continue reading this
    • see page
    • see post
    • great site
    • helpful site
    • on the main page
    • on front page
    • use this link
    • redirected here
    • my latest blog post
    • her latest blog
    • updated blog post
    • funny post
    • I loved this
    • read this post here
    • her comment is here
    • his comment is here
    • from this source
    • breaking news
    • the full details
    • my sources
    • the original source
    • homepage
    • this contact form
    • official source
    • sources tell me
    • what do you think
    • your input here
    • what is it worth
    • my explanation
    • her explanation
    • his explanation
    • their explanation
    • sell
    • find
    • good
    • the advantage
    • advice
    • basics
    • for beginners
    • consultant
    • description
    • directory
    • experienced
    • inquiry
    • enquiry
    • lowest price
    • a replacement
    • killer deal
    • one-time offer
    • go here
    • the full report
    • these details
    • recommended you read
    • straight from the source
    • additional resources
    • additional reading
    • how you can help
    • additional hints
    • more tips here
    • my response
    • his response
    • her response
    • get redirected here
    • cool training
    • a knockout post
    • had me going
    • agree with
    • super fast reply
    • a total noob
    • what Google did to me
    • here are the findings
    • on Yahoo
    • on Bing
    • at Yahoo
    • at Bing
    • such a good point
    • made my day
    • official statement
    • published here
    • linked here
    • this guy
    • that guy
    • total stranger
    • conversational tone
    • click here
    • read more
    • click this
    • this post
    • he said
    • she said
    • learn more
    • do you agree
    • link
    • weblink
    • right here
    • here
    • see
    • I was reading this
    • he has a good point
    • great post to read
    • over here
    • check this out
    • read what he said
    • look what I found
    • my latest blog post
    • a fantastic read
    • watch this video
    • listen to this podcast
    • dig this
    • learn more here
    • over at this website
    • this hyperlink
    • top article
    • I thought about this
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  2. leena

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    Apr 13, 2010
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    Here are few more in spintax format -

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    Dec 4, 2011
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    Thanks ! This might help too :

    {Check this out|this website|this blog|this site|Click {Here|In this article|At this website|On this page|On this site|On this website}|Clicking Here|Go {Here|At this site|Now}|Going {Here|In this article|At this website|Listed here|On this page|On this site}|Read {This|This method}|Read {More|Much more|A lot more|Far more|Even more|Alot more|A great deal more|Significantly more}|Find Out More|Discover {More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more}|Learn {More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more}|Read More {Here|In this article|At this website|Listed here|On this page}|Discover {More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more} Here|Learn {More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more} Here|Click {This|That} Link|visit this {link|hyperlink|website link|web page link|weblink|backlink|website}|{homepage|home page|home-page|website|web site|webpage|web page|main page|internet site}|Home Page|Visit Website|website|web site|get more info|Get More {Information|Info|Details|Data|Facts|Information and facts|Material|Advice|Tips|Knowledge|Specifics|Imp ortant information}|This {Site|Website|Web site|Internet site|Web page|Web-site|Webpage|Blog|Internet page|Resource site}|More {Info|Data|Information|Details|Facts|Information and facts|Advice|Tips|Material}|check this out|Look {At This|Around This}|Full {Article|Post|Write-up|Content|Document|Posting|Report|Guide|Piece of writing}|Full {Report|Document|Record|Statement|Survey|Review|Fi le|Article}|Read the Full {Article|Post|Write-up|Content|Document|Posting|Report|Guide|Piece of writing}|Get the {Facts|Details|Information|Specifics|Truth|Points| Pieces of information|Data|Information and facts}|{related|associated|connected|linked|releva nt|similar|affiliated|correlated|corresponding} {site|blog|internet page|internet site|resource site|web page|web site|webpage|website|web-site}|{Recommended|Suggested|Advised|Encouraged|Pr oposed|Advisable|Highly recommended} {Reading|Studying|Looking at|Browsing}|{Recommended|Advisable|Advised|Encour aged|Highly recommended|Proposed|Suggested|Endorsed|Preferred| A good idea|Advocated} {Site|Blog|Internet page|Internet site|Resource site|Web page|Web site|Webpage|Website|Web-site|Online site}|source|{article source|article resource|source for this article|resource for this article}|{click|click on|simply click|just click|press|mouse click|push|please click} for source|link|{more|a lot more|additional|alot more|even more|a great deal more}|{additional info|information|more information|additional information}|{continue reading|keep reading|read on|stay with me}|{continue|carry on|proceed}|{Continued|Ongoing|Continuing|Carried on|Extended}|More {Help|Aid|Support|Assistance|Guidance}|{resources| sources|assets|methods}|{extra|additional|added|fu rther|more|excess|supplemental} resources|{Bonuses|Bonus deals|Additional bonuses|Signup bonuses|Add-ons|Bonus products}|{More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more|Extra|Far more|Much more|Significantly more|Further|Way more} {Bonuses|Additional bonuses|Add-ons|Bonus deals|Bonus products|Signup bonuses}|{More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more} {hints|suggestions|tips|ideas|clues|inspiring ideas|methods|information}|{helpful|useful|benefic ial|valuable|very helpful|handy|practical|effective} {resources|assets|methods|sources}|{click|just click|mouse click|please click|simply click|visit|click through} the {next|following|up coming} {page|post|site|web page|web site|webpage|website|internet page|website page|article|document|internet site|blog page}}
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    Thanks for your time, good timing for me!
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    Thanks guys, amazing!
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    Using these anchors is really helpful, i started getting visitors to a dead site after doing 400 bookmark blast using these anchors. That site generated over $300 worth sales in last 7 days. It is not ranking for main keywords which it used to rank before penguin, but it started ranking for long tail keywords.
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