List of Expired Aged Domains Range PR 0 - PR 4

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    Hey BHW this is my gift to the community after teaching me a lot about SEO. These domains are available for purchase at any domain registrar for $9. But be careful when selecting and buying a domain because a lot of these domains have been used by spammers and other SEO. Many may be de-indexed and completely unusable for SEO purposes. But I am sure that there are some diamonds in the rough.

    I recommend checking the existing backlinks with the tools found at opensiteexplorer[dot]org & ahrefs[dot]com.

    Also check the expired domains with archive[dot]org if you want to build up the design as it was before it expired. In that way you can build a arsenal of your strong back links and making it look legit in the big G's all seeing eye. A set of sites with strong link juice is a good idea in the post panda/penguin world.

    All of these sites are all old expired domains that still are being linked to by at least one PR 5 site.

    If you have any questions send me a PM or ask in the thread.

    Over and out :cool:

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