List of CPA Networks

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Question does anyone have a list of CPA networks that pay weekly or bi-weekly?

I appreciate any help in this area.

Can someone help me to find some french CPA networks?
Hello everybody, I am attaching a list of the cpa networks I have found. Please feel free to add your recommendations to this list, if you do not see the network already listed.

CPA Networks:

Adult Networks:
Huge Traffic
Adult Paymaster
Sextracker Money Tree
Dating Gold

Any reviews of this networks are welcome, we don't want a list of networks who does not pay or any shit like that..


Just wondering if the adult CPAs are easier to apply for than the non-adult CPAs, also are they typically trustworthy?
Thank you, I am a novice, it does not have the latest? These are good for a long time
My two cents: not alot traffic sent to them about month but checks arrived almost 1.5 year after that..
CamKingsCash - ?
Huge Traffic - good but very strange partner- with absolutely same traffic resourse for different accounts converting from 1paid signup for every 20 free to 1 paid for every 150 free.. other thing- they can stopped convert your new free sign ups to paid - but continue send renevals from old traffic.. I stoped send traffic to them
NicheWealth -?
Adult Paymaster-?
Sextracker Money Tree - bullshit for me.. waster time/traffic
TrafficCashGold -?
FlashCash - absolutelly shit- brrrrrrrrrrrr .. no one signup from 4 k.. with other affiliate program same traffic bring me almost $700
Dating Gold- looks like they shaved alot.. with small amount of traffic get free signups like 1 to 8 clicks, but if i increase traffic- getting 1free to 50 clicks.. Last time- 125 clicks- no 1 free leads.. lot of other banners on the site- so your hard getting traffic go away from amateurmatch without any $$.. Twicy started with them- stoped on forever
ClickCash- i knew them from 1998 when they pay only $10.. never was happy with them- bad conversion for me..This is not what they promissed.. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Theres a couple of CPA networks that are missing in this list. We should update it.
Since this is a sticky and probably best place to ask about CPA networks and the list hasn't been updated in quite awhile and CPA noob(s) -ME- would really appreciate an update.

Any CPA experienced members around here please feel free to just name out 3 reliable ,honest and noob friendly networks.

If you're in the generous mood more than 3 won't hurt a noob :).

well... this just made my day... time to start signing up on these networks
This a great list. Very useful. I'm going to be adding CPA to my autoblogs.
Don't waste your time signing up for all of them, rather stick with maybe 1 or 2 at the most. Your just wasting your time and its never good to idea to work with a lot of them since it will be very hard to control your money and keep track of everything.

I reccommend EWA more than any one of these networks. Its a private membership, so if you want in, PM me and hit the thanks button and I'll see what I can do.

Hey add
Really nice company, and easy as hell to get in. No website required either. I got accepted after about 10 minutes, no questions or anything, and I got a nice manager too.
These are great resources. I'm glad to know which CPA markets to avoid.
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