List of 8400+ pligg scuttle phpdug sites


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May 14, 2009
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Its time to say thanks to all for all the helpfull posts on BHW and share my list with over 8000 pligg, scuttle and phpdug sites sortet by year and type for use in BMD5.


dont forget to change the 0 to o ;)
wow...awesome share mate thanks for this big list..REP i m trying to get PR status for your list...
very amazing how many user here are unfair
42 downloads and only 2 users can say thanks :confused:
prob cos the download link is broken

OP no matter what instructions you put mate people dont fully read.!!

Link works 100% thanks for the great list mate!!
Thank you very much. :)
Btw: How high is your success rate with BMD? My is only 10% and i don't know why, or is this normal?
Can someone please tell me what BMD is? What are these good for!?
How can I use this list?

Is BMD a bookmarking demon or something like that?
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This list is ancient, and more than 75% of the sites are dead or not working anymore. Sorry to rain on the parade :)
very amazing how many user here are unfair
42 downloads and only 2 users can say thanks :confused:

Thank you. I wish I could figure out how to get Scrapebox to do this for me. The most results I ever get is about 800. Feel like sharing your secret. Probably not. Anyway, Thanks again.
I just used 25 almost virgin (only used for scrapebox so far) proxies, spun usernames and info, and spun content and only could create accounts on 186 of them. Of that I could actually confirm the email and bookmark even fewer of them. I do appreciate the share however I think the combo of this list possibly being old and BMD being unreliable has made this into only a mere fraction of what is capable. Don't hate on my two cents until you've recreated what I have.
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