List me some sites/shops of Drop shippers in india at whole sale price

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    Nov 29, 2015
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    I'm an Indian. I live in madurai city. So I want online wholesale drop shippers from india only. I'm going to sell products at flipkart, amazon. I have enough money to buy small amount of products.

    For example : I like to sell (50 pieces) Sandisk ultra dual 32 gb pendrive.

    I checked at

    (same pendrive)

    In Aliexpress website 32gb pendrive approximately about Rs 1117
    In amazon website same pendrive sell at Rs 812
    In my local store they sells at 16gb - Rs 520 32 gb - Rs 900

    There is huge difference between these website and shop.

    How the Amazon reseller giving the pendrive at very low price when compared to other sites. So here is my question. where they buy these low price pendrives.

    Please Provide some electronics dropshippers website.