List building... need convincing!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Orbiter, Oct 23, 2011.

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    So basically, I have quite a few sites promoting CB products now.

    I keep hearing about this list building and how it is so important and I kinda get the picture, but I need some tips on how to effectively build a list.

    1. Which services to use?
    2. How to organize a list?
    3. How to get people to join the list?
    4. How to monetize from a list?

    Some final convincing aswell wouldn't hurt^^
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    1. Aweber
    2. Aweber will do this
    3. Put an optin widget on your site - maybe even offer a free ebook in exchange for their email...
    4. Once you have a big subscriber list just update regularly but don't try to sell to them in every single email. Give them updates about the niche, but maybe throw your aff link in the email every 3rd or 4th one - I know people get annoyed when you are constantly trying to sell to them.
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