Lions and Tigers and Google .. OH MY

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    Recently, I took a road trip all accross the USA - In New Orleans I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and we were the ONLY Family at this particular BnB and the owner sat down with us at breakfast to give us a rundown of where to go, get the trolly and what to do - etc...

    While eating, she asked me if I needed internet, and they have free wi-fi - and then we started talking about the GOD of the net , as she called it, which is "Google".... how you can't do much without them, and how they have basically cornered the market for all business , worldwide (small and large) - I had to agree. Adsense (whoever came up with that at google) is what put them over the top by miles. She had a blog and had to pay SEO companies to get her blog as high as she can on GOOGLE (Not yahoo, not ask, not anything but google)

    Long story short - I started thinking about that, and beleive it or not, started thinking about this forum. LOL - I see so many "means and methods" to making money online, some legit, some well, nevermind....... But what is it that makes people click, pay and/or take out a credit card? That's my lingering thorn in the side.

    I admit, I do hate "reading" on here, because there is just TMI , way Too Much! I get thinking this way, that way, and every which way possible.

    But the bottom line on Everything Online is what I beleive is called "a numbers game" - like anything, the more people who see your "gig" , the more clicks and checks you get.

    So.......... the name of the game is highly responsive or bulk (dont matter) traffic targeted to whatever the heck your doing online.

    I told the lady at the BnB that "Traffic is Key" to any blog or website online today, and I have been doing this for over 15 years, and can get traffic, but I know there is a way to get the traffic that never is tapped, somewhere, somehow.

    So, my question is, to anyone reading this: have you found the part of the internet lake where fish are, but nobody fishes in that area? And if you have, I dont expect you to say it here, but a simple "YES or NO" would be great, which would give me some hope in finding that area of the lake.

    Make sense?