Linkwheels/Pyramids - properities have to be ********?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ingredible, May 31, 2011.

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    Sep 11, 2010
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    Hi, I don't understand one thing:

    If I build Wheels or Pyramids, should the Links on the Web 2.0 properities and Article Directorys and SB all be "********" or doesn't it matter if they are nofollow?

    I use the Linkpushing service, but it seems that it doesn't work for my german websites so I try to do this manually (any better option here to do this?)

    In german Forums (Boards) I always here: Pyramids and Wheels work perfektly, but they never give deeper informations, about the used Properities - where the f*** could I find good properities.

    I hope this is readable :/

    Thanks for every help.
  2. vlerian

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    Feb 13, 2007
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    for my case, mostly will be d0f0ll0w though I 'let' one or two n0f0ll0w properties slipped in. some 'experts' say it will maintain the 'natural' tone on your overall link profiles.
    I don't really know the perfect formula, maybe they're right maybe they're wrong, I don't really care. n0f0llow link won't kill us after all. but most will be d0f0ll0w, around 80-90% are do-foll0w.

    for the properties list, maybe you can find it on 'link building' sub forum, I've seen it before somewhere in this forum. BTB, the linkpushing master, ever shared the list before if I'm not wrong.

    My suggestion is, just keep building, support your properties with other links and add your properties list. don't be too obsessed with the do-no foll0w links or the PR. They' re important factor, maybe, but not the only factors in town.
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    Agreed with vlerian - a few won't hurt/crush your methods. Don't focus 100% of your effort on the highest PR D.F. links. Some sites (like hubpages) even start N.F. and convert to D.F. if you have quality info and traffic.