Linkwheel? For me a fast way to get my site sandboxed, here the explanation.

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    So here is the method I have been using for a few months before Big G caught me and sandboxed my site:

    created 6 account on 6 free blog platforms, blogroll them following these rules: blog1 links to blog2, blog2 links to blog3,...,...blog6 links to blog1

    also each blog blogroll to my main sites

    then I random (for example sunday to blog2, wensday on blog5, tuesday on blog2) posted articles/content using keyword I want my main site to rank better and linking that keywords to my main site

    this has been working for a few months, got traffic from linkwheel blogs because of unique content I built but not ranked better for my keywords

    3 days ago Google entries suddenly dropped, from about 10k day to some hundreds

    My faults:
    1 - using linkwheel blogs only to promote my main site,
    2 - building too much links from same blogs to my main site (3/4 backlinks weekly)

    My suggestions:
    1 - using linkwheel to promote content from bigs sites you can't compete to, publish and comment videos of Youtube, Vimeo, news and comments about Twitter/Facebook, full unique random posts, better if related to your main site content, DON'T PROMOTE YOUR MAIN SITE, DON'T INTERLINK BLOGS EACH OTHER
    2 - link to main site only from blogroll, 1 link is enough for domain/subdomain, if you create more links from the same place, the most probably is that Google catches you and flags your site

    If you want comment or share you are welcome.