.linkvana Worth the price? Safe?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Nosence, Sep 4, 2011.

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    I just started reading more in SEO and im trying to get off adwords as much as possible, I do have the money to spend, but is it worth it?

    Anyone with experience, would the money be better stpent somewhere else?

    I dont have much time for SEO is my problem, so the more automatic it is the better.

    I also have adsense and some CPa, and use adwords, I dont really want to jeopardize these
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    From the faq

    So you pay 150$/month and can't get permalinks to build backlinks to them? Let alone how much you will pay for writing unique articles to submit to them.
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    Jun 8, 2011
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    I think there are better networks out there for the price personally. I have been having decent success with articleranks, and on very small investment. If you are taking the time to do a quality spin, I can understand the urge to get the most our of your articles by using multiple networks.

    Buildmyrank appears to be a good service, it just requires content to be effective (and technically requires unique content per post).

    I've seen many good reviews of linkvana, but keep in mind that it has an affiliate program, so some of that stuff may be inflated; I have also seen many people say it is not worth the monthly $; that said, there are better services available for $150/mo

    Currently I have thought about buying sets of posts on various private blog networks (there are a couple people here running private blog networks); after all link diversity is highly sought after. Also many of networks are clear that the links are permanent, but fall off the homepage at some point (most of the blogs on those networks have homepages with anywhere between 10-70 posts).

    The one thing that I certainly notice with this type of IMing is that it usually causes a google dance, because once the links are published, they appear on high PR homepages, but as time goes on they get pushed back to the interior pages. Since this happens on all the blog networks, I have been trying to diversify where I am dropping links (by utilizing different networks) to get the most value...This is just my 2 cents.

    Oh and like the poster above said, most of these services don't show you where you links are published for privacy reasons; But many of us have the ability to search for the backlinks these networks create. Some of the networks include extra features like additional linkbuilding but even without building additional links the results of using such a network typically seem very good.
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    I agree with above, there are better networks out there.
    Here is what you have to look out for in some of those.
    1) They don't stay on the homepage. THey're promoting high PR backlinks! Yet your link is on the front page for what? Days? Then drops to a PR of zero. So you're paying to get a PR0 link.
    2) Some of them don't cap the outbound links. You're paying for your link to be on a high PR site with hundreds, maybe thousands of other links, you're really not getting much juice. I emailed one network one time asking how many OBL there were, and got no reply, go figure.