Links2Rss - How to Use Correctly and Quickly Dowload all Feeds at Once

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for everyone's wonderful help so I decided its time to give back.

    For those that use that were frustrated like me manually downloading each feed I came up with a much quicker process to do everything.

    To do this you need Firefox so if you don't have it go and get it and install the following two plugins:

    • downloadthemall
    • linkgopher

    Once done, open up firefox and go to links2rss and create your feeds...

    When you see the list of all your feeds right click on the page and choose downloadthemall and choose where you want to save your feeds to And Bam... You have all your feeds downloaded in one click :D No more manually downloading one feed at a time

    (Don't close the page yet though)

    Next step is look in the lower right corner of your status bar and you will see the word "links". Right-Click on the word "links"

    Choose the option to extract all links. (this will open a new tab with all the rss feed links)

    Next copy all the links to a text file. (Keep this open)

    Next open up filezilla and upload all your feeds to a directory on your web server or a free host or free file hosting place. (where ever you want to...)

    Once you know what directory your files are saved to. Go back to your text file and do a find and replace and replace "" with the name of the directory you uploaded your files to.

    Now you have a correctly named list of all your rss feeds to submit. (Save file and close)

    Next, Open up Rss Submit (or what ever you use for rss submission) and click on the URL button and upload the text file you just saved with all your RSS feeds URLs and select them all and choose submit.

    Next take those URLs to bookmarking demon and bookmark those feeds.

    Lastly, but not least ping your feeds using pingfarm (or what ever you choose to ping with)

    If these steps were helpful please click the thanks button :)
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    Am I the last person to have changed over to Firefox? Thanks for the post and really enjoying using this brower!
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    Funny I was annoyed for the very same reason and looking for a solution a few weeks ago but soon after I started using scrapebox for it which does the job easier now all in one imo. :D
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    This post was very helpful, was looking for RSS submission advice.