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    found this ...

    I recently performed a test which actually quite suprised me.
    For years there has been the obvious talk of linking to bad neighborhoods but its always been hard to know for sure which sites Google considers ?bad?. When I started seeing those ? warnings last year, it got me thinking. But I never really made anything out of it until recently.

    When you search for certain terms in Google, you sometimes see sites marked with the aforementioned warning and when you click them, you get taken to a second page giving you another warning about the site having badware (malware,spyware etc). The great thing is, the warnings are based on reports from StopBadware and they provide a wonderful tool which lets you sites.
    The great thing is, you don?t have to know any urls, you can do a general search such as ? and get back a nice list of sites:
    So we have a list of badware sites submitted by Google, sites they have absolutely without a doubt considered to be bad/harmful.
    Next I updated a range of different pages to link to these bad sites. Blog posts, blog comments, profile pages and a normal web page. I threw some links at all these sites I had modified and waited for Google to visit them. To my suprise Google visited them, updated the cache showing the badware links but their positions in the serps were not effected at all!

    I probably should have also tested it as a sitewide link on a site to see if this would change the outcome. Also I should try changing the links from badware to spammy networks(e.g sites which have recently lost their PR for being spammy/selling links etc) and see how that works out.

    But in general, is linking to bad sites going to hurt you? Unlikely?