Linking payneer to paypal nowadays.

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    Hey there, i'm quite new to the site and i've already learnt so much from it even though i have not yet gotten money off of that knowledge, that's because i'm trying to learn all of this valuable information first so that i am clear on what to do and how to do it later.

    Some might think this thread is on the wrong section because i'm just explaining methods of linking payoneer to paypal, but by doing so you are allowed to withdraw your paypal cash by payoneer as some just can't do it with anyother bank account, doing this saves exchanges fees and that definitely saves money, so it kinda makes you money as well right?

    Copy down your US payment service details before trying out these methods just in case paypal checks for payoneer cookies somehow in the browser:

    1.- Use a routing number from a real bank:

    You need a routing number that is different from that which payneer provides you, look up for these on google, make sure you look for the ones in the bank where your US Payment Service is, say FIRST CENTURY BANK or Bank of america. Below are a few:

    Bank of america:

    First century bank:


    You need these because the routing number points to the local adress of the bank in which you supposedly made your account, so paypal knows which routing numbers are payoneers, this is why we use real ones.
    Now clean your borwser history because of cookies.

    Get into paypal, if your paypal is not already on english change the language to it. Then go into linking your bank account, add the US payment service details from payoneer but change the routing number to this one you found on google, remember it has to be from the same bank.

    It'll give you an error along the lines of "The bank name you have entered is invalid or missing" so now go into the help center and notify them you're trying to add your bank account but were unable because you got that error while attempting to.

    Now for some their customer service is either extremely annoying or really helpful, they will try to call you first, make you sure no to pick that call up unless you're charming and have very good lying and convincing skills to make it clear your account is real (Don't ever once mention payoneer).

    If you don't pick up they'll most likely reply to your message with a:

    "Hey, we've enabled your account to add a bank account and you'll be able to do so within the next 4 hours, please hurry"

    Now please go do so with the real US payment service payneer details (Don't use the fake routing number this time!)

    This is how i linked payoneer to my paypal account, i did this when i got my card about 3 weeks ago, so good luck!
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    Whats the need,Happy with Paypal only.
    Thanks for sharing btw.
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    thanks worked for me :D
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    I have been trying to connect my paypal to payoneer, and am going to try this right away. But my account is a stealth one, i hope they will not ask for more verification if they try calling the dead number.

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    do you mean payoneer? iv never heard of payneer?