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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Jack Torrance, Feb 15, 2015.

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    So I have 2 sites going for the same keyword. The old one was destroyed by Penguin but randomly recovered as I built the new one. It is ranking page one for one of the terms I want, but not high (like position 9 or 10, I used to be #1)... Is it dangerous to link my old site's page to my new site's page directly (don't want to 301 due to shit links that are somehow currently working), or should I link it to a tiered property?

    Old site -> New site


    Old site -> Powerful link property -> New site

    Google knows both the old and new site are mine due to Adsense etc. Or maybe I shouldn't link it at all lol... Thinking of using a generic or naked anchor to avoid the density for keyword anchors rising to 30% from 20%.
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    I don't think you should link your old and new site, especially if the sole purpose is to boost the ranking of the new site.

    It likely won't do much for you anyway, and furthermore you could get slapped if Google thinks you're trying to create some sort of link scheme between properties you own.
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