LinkedIn Top Voice Badges


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Apr 26, 2021
I was honored with the LinkedIn Top Voice badge a couple of days ago.
While I don't see cash stacks dropping on my head yet, I see 10x more profile views, and I assume that reach (as well as engagement) should go up as well.

Has anyone else cracked the code?
Top Voice badges are pretty cool - LinkedIn invited me to the office last Friday for the special event.
I guess it does bring in some business through networking.

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 12.13.11 PM.png
So how exactly does one go about getting a top voice badge? Does anyone care to share? :D
How? Just contribute to the collaborative articles? How many? (LinkedIn said just 3 are enough). Should they have a lot of likes?
Yes you are right but your contribution needs to be useful and insightful so that that would be likable.
Good stuff, is it clear how one becomes eligible for such a thing or is it more a spray and pray sorta thing? Reach is good though, depending on what you have on offer on your profile and all that.
I'd be interested in purchasing a service that helps to gain Top Voice.
my guess is that such service, with guarantee, in a desired field ,would cost a minimum of $1000/month and the maximum could be millions, depending on the domain of choice. I am in the financial sector and I am heading towards top voice, but slowly. I see what kind of people are following me! so to influence these people, to have that power, it costs money!
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