Link trading with REAL US Businesses (BHW included)

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by ClThis, May 22, 2011.

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    My company is undergoing a very diverse SEO strategy (as I stated in another post) and one element is link trading. I thought I would open it up to any and all businesses on BHW that are US based as well.

    I rather speak of the business off BHW, so PM me for my Skype name. We get plenty of exposure already and now we want to expand our contacts. If you have a small business, online business, telemarketing firm, or access to any of these types of companies - essentially anything business and not affiliate but you own and operate or are a partner, or manage a website of a business, than this is for you.

    Undergoing a pretty intense SEO campaign and Id say this is 1/10 things but you will get some pretty awesome exposure from a very targeted company run by some well known guys in the business world (I am not one of them yet, haha).

    If you can get one way links on a businesses pages than Ill pay you on a PR scale, link trades are open as well.