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    Promoting the links you got, i was thinking of all the "free" links you get.
    From all the bots/scrapers/rss/crawlers that visit your sites and they post your content and backlinks, but all the search engines might not find them, and they have nofollow and things like that.

    Lets give an example,

    Topsy BBC example, gives 215 results, "not much" but hey 215 links.
    In bing 554 results, and so on with the rest.
    "bbc no good example, they dont twitter" :p
    So if you have the site BBC you could put these links in the footer or what ever, and then you will force the search engines to find the content and links from each other.

    I dont know if this will do any SERP boost, but it might.

    I have just started to test this, i looked in my access log and found out some bots that regular visit, and i visited there site and look if they can present all my sites results and links and then i put the link to the search result in the footer.

    Example have put up:

    Topsy links
    Twitter links
    Twitter search links
    Yahoo Site Explorer links
    Google links
    Bing links

    That gives me a few K links, nofollow or ****************, what ever. :)

    Just a reminder for myself
    Pos: 4 Inlinks g 669 / yahoo 133
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