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    I thought I would post exerts from my question with Link Push gentlemen
    for your comments.

    Q1 - I am not ranking for these keywords because I do not have content on my site that mentions each keyword correct?

    Exactly.. oftentimes without the KWs on your site, you'll not be able to rank for them.

    Q2 - How many articles in my blog section would you recommend - please comment on this one.

    I would recommend 1 every other day until you see the site ranking for the KWs you want.

    Q3 - You are saying send back links via link push to articles on my site not the site itself? So these articles will be money pages hoping to funnel traffic accordingly?

    Actually, the articles will probably not outrank the main page... they will be like an infrastructure for the main page.

    Q4 - A KW rich story every day that's like 11 KW articles per day per 365 days? I wouldn't need your tool if I was going to do that :)

    I don't offer a tool; I offer a service but you are correct you may not need me if you did that. I'm not selling you on my service here, I'm just helping out another human being. 1 article every day or two is all you really need; Day 1 article on KW1, Day 2 article on KW2 etc.

    NOTE - OK Stroppy Steven.

    Q5 - We are third in the XX for XXX - and have no content to that KW. I am not sure how XXX was more competitive KW than XXXX

    Neither am I... maybe Google lied to me when I did my research.

    NOTE -wooooeoo snappy trousers!

    6 - My question was which or what strategy would you recommend for your tool - i.e. I asked if I should do 5 keywords each month then 5 more deep pushes for each 2.0 property or 10 for the same keyword or what?

    I would do one Link-push per KW per month and link to the article that is KW rich on your site with that Link-push. The link juice will pass right up to the main page and chances are you will get ranked for both pages when it comes to a search.

    Very useful answers from the LINK PUSH People don't you think?


    Anyway he also says:

    Sorry for the slow response... you only have on KW in that bunch that is hard to rank for and that
    is XXXX Your problem with getting the other KWs to rank is actually the content on your site as you do not target those KWs on your site enough.

    I would be adding KW rich content... 500 words or more for each KW with a KW density of 1 - 2% per KW so every 500 word new item/article would have 5 - 10 times in it.

    Add a new KW rich news story every day and just bookmark it. After a couple of weeks start backlinking directly to the story itself and I bet you begin ranking for those KWs... it's not really a backlinking issue
    as much as it is a content issue.


    I wanted to share to see if it helps you a. Buy the service b. understand something.

    I am actually taking their advice and creating one fresh KW article per day... if it takes me a year then it does. Seems too good to be true that you add KW article to the site and it helps immediately rank...

    He mentions bookmark this content... Does he mean 1 book mark ? Digg? Multiples? What?