Link Page Disappeared from SERP

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    Apr 14, 2010
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    Hi guys, I thought I'd create a blog and rank each page on my blog on site is online since 2010-09-24

    the page in question was created 2010-02-11

    Keywords Difficulty = low

    I started working on my page after 7 days of creation in this way:

    I inserted for 7 days comments on blog with scrapebox
    I have created unique articles with links to my page to be optimized
    at the end of the week my site has started to climb the SERPs quickly and arrived quickly on the first page for keywords that are going to optimize.

    day 8-9-10: 8 I started to create profiles in forums with links to my page

    4 days ago my web page has completely disappeared from the SERP, but is still indexed by google?

    What happened? I went to the send box? how do I relocate my site to the front page?