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Feb 23, 2011
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What We Offer

Link insertions acquired through genuine manual outreach on real websites that are relevant to your niche with actual organic traffic and great complementary metrics. Each domain will have a minimum of 500-1000+ organic visitors per month and a domain rating of at least DR25+, but most of the time these metrics will be much higher. These are powerful, ethically sourced and relevant in-content links that you can gladly show your clients.

Why Link Insertions?

Link insertions, also known as curated links and niche edits, are currently some of the hottest selling link types on the market. This is hardly surprising considering one very important aspect of these links: the links are placed on existing content-rich pages that have already been aged, indexed and valued by Google. Instead of receiving links from brand new pages with no initial value, link insertions come out of the gate swinging. Coupled with the fact that the links are contextual and come from laser-targeted niche relevant sites, it is no surprise that they work wonders for a site’s rankings.

Full Transparency

What separates us from most other providers offering a similar service is that we will keep you in the loop throughout the whole outreach process. You will a receive a raw list with all of the prospects that we have researched specifically for you and are trying to reach out to on your behalf. The list will also contain all of the important metrics of each prospect site. In addition, you will get full access to the custom e-mail account that we create and use specifically for your outreach campaign, allowing you to follow the process with full transparency.

Make no mistake, this is the real deal – not many other providers of these kind of links can even come close to offering this kind of control and transparency. We do not use any pre- existing databases/lists, relationships, PBNs or any unethical means to acquire these links for you. This is verifiable outreach that we conduct on your behalf. Afterwards, you can even personally contact each owner of the site where the links were placed and they will confirm that they are aware of the link and have agreed to it (not the case with many other services claiming they use “real outreach”).


1 Link insertions - 1x URL, 1x Keyword - $119
2 Link insertions - 1x URL, 1x Keyword
- $238
3 Link insertions - 1x URL, 1x Keyword
- $357
5 Link insertions - 1x URL, 1x Keyword
- $595
10 Link insertions - 2x URLs, 2x Keywords
- $1190

Each package also includes:

Surfer SEO audit

Access to the outreach e-mail account

TAT can vary between 4-8 weeks, sometimes faster, sometimes longer, depending on the package. Real outreach takes time and effort. TAT can also depend on the niche in question and your existing link profile. But you will always be held up-to-date on the progress of your campaign.


1. What are the metrics and do you offer smaller packages?

Each link is placed contextually within an aged article that has been published on real sites with these minimum metrics: DR25+ and 500-1000+ organic visits / month, but most of the time these metrics will be MUCH higher.

At this moment we only offer 5 or 10 link insertions. The amount work that goes into a single campaign is quite substantial, so we don't offer smaller packages at this moment. If you are looking for single links, you might be better suited with our guest posting service instead.

2. Do you provide reports?

Yes, of course. As stated above, we believe in full transparency. Not only will you get a full report after the order is done, but you can follow the progress during the campaign and check in anytime to see if we have already acquired some link insertions for you.

3. How safe are these links?

Nowadays, these are some of the safest links one can acquire for their website. Since these links are acquired through manual outreach (like guest posts), they fit naturally into your link profile. Having said that, obviously no one can predict what Google will do in the future with their core algorithm updates. Active link building always involves a small amount of risk.

4. Are these links permanent?

Yes, they should be. But as we do not own or control the sites they are placed on, we never know if a webmaster will remove a post and/or the link in the future. If, however, the link is removed within 3 months, we will replace it free of charge.

5. What is the difference between link insertions, niche edits and curated links?

These terms get thrown around a lot these days. They essentially all mean the same thing. All of them are links that are added to already cached and existing content which has been published on real websites (e.g. real traffic, good metrics, natural content). Though how the links are acquired, through real outreach or unethically, is the big distinction.

6. How many URLs/KWs can I use?

For the 1 to 5x links package, we accept only one URL and one keyword. For the 10x and higher packages, you can use two URLs and two keywords. If you really want to use more keywords, this can be negotiated, but is generally not recommended.

7. Any niches you don't work with?

We do not work with anything that involves illegal content/media. Furthermore, we won't accept sites in the gambling, casino, loans, payday or pharmaceutical niches.

8. Do you work with non-English sites?

We can try to work with foreign sites, but it can be tricky, since most of the sites we reach out to are English language based and their owners may object to linking out to foreign sites.

9. What is your refund policy?

As this is a dedicated approach that takes a lot of time and effort, we don’t offer refunds for completed work - only if we fail to deliver the work that is advertised. Furthermore, we don’t guarantee any ranking results or SERP increases.

10. What payments do you accept, and will I get an invoice?

We accept both PayPal and Credit Cards on our site. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation mail including your invoice.

11. Do you offer custom orders?

Yes, of course. If you are looking for a customized package, please send us a PM or mail us at [email protected].



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Jan 19, 2021
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Samples in technology, online marketing niche please


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I am interested in your gig! Do you have experience in IT security and data center or Dedicated servers? Can I get sample to review?