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    moving blogs can be tricky, this helps make it a little easier...

    How To Move Your Wordpress Blog To Another Host
    by Jeffry Thurana on Jun. 8, 2010

    Finding the perfect webhost is more or less similar to a general love story. While there are cases of love at first sight, most people have to go through disappointments and broken hearts before finding the one that we want to spend the rest of our life with.

    There are also stories about finding your true soulmate while already with somebody else. Should you break up and leave your current partner to be with ?the one?? Or should you keep the current compromised relationship just for the sake of avoiding complications?

    Even though changing webhosts might be less complicated than changing spouses, it is still problematic. And it?s even more difficult if you have a long established blog hosted there. Moving databases could be a nightmare for the common people like the most of us.

    Fortunately, if your blog is Wordpress, it?s easy enough to learn how to move a Wordpress blog from one webhost to another.

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