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Jul 27, 2010
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We will create videos or update guides to answer everybody in this thread.

All our pricing and product model is now built-in into a SUITE. So all the extra tools we launch will be inside your membership.
IF you get a LIFETIME license you might get only access to the Outbound tools for Data Extraction and Contacting + Guides.

Use this coupon: BHWMEMBER2021 for 50% on the LIFETIME license. In this URL: Selecting Link & Grow Lifetime License.
The percentage will be reducing eventually across sales. So make sure to grab the discount while you can.

FOR THE 72 HRS FREE TRIAL PLEASE ANSWER THIS THREAD WITH: I want to try this interesting marketing software suite for 72 hrs. And we will answer back with the COUPON for that specific week on recurring subscriptions. The coupon you see above is only for a Lifetime.

So now let me present you the Link&Grow v2: with a new Web SaaS version to use on the go in your smartphone + Desktop version with new features to avoid limitations and many assets + tools + scripts you will need in your lead generation and sales journey.




This is a suite which will keep upgrading and adding other Outbound tools inside the membership or lifetime. Here we will list what we have currently working:
  • Data Scout: Scout with our custom commands for extracting valuable data and crawling each result website for emails and phones.
  • Ad Spy: Custom tools and external tools for spying campaigns.
  • Google My Business (Places) Scraper: A scraper that will get realtime Google Places API and crawling websites for emails.
  • Mass Keyword Suggestion Scraper: Scraper massive amount of keywords from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Amazon, eBay and more.
  • Online HTML Builder + Templates: Use our builder to edit in templates in realtime and download as zip.
  • Several Graphics Templates: Banners, Buttons, Arrows, etc.
  • Adding more eventually and listing, make sure to follow the threads.

We plan to add many more functions and tools for different purposes or making easier the usage of included tools.
  • Mass Messaging Contact Forms found for niche and keyword.
  • Follow-up on emails sent for auto-responses. This increases response when replying if not response back.
  • Web data manager for all your scraped data, all data grabbed from different tools will be linked to your account and we will have
  • Many different algorithms to get important leads, for example, websites that are still using Macromedia Flash so you offer an upgrade and get conversions.
  • Like this method, we can design more and more eventually.
  • Add Email and Landing page templates every week.
  • Add Cold Emailing templates, examples, methods, and ideas.
  • Add many more marketing graphics to make your experiences easier for selling.
  • Integrating Robocalls into the system for polls and more.
  • Alternate SMS phone number on the same campaign.
  • Integrate many more API for data enrichment, Customer Relationship Management, Google Calendar, Emails, and more.
  • Much more, make sure you stay tuned to the updates.
  • Sendy install where you can add your company for opt-in and send email campaigns using SMTP or Amazon AWS.

Now that we know all about the possibilities here is a Playlist with all the resources to learn using the Desktop version and the Web Version of the software:

We will teach you to step by step how to use the software. Watch the Youtube channel for all guides:
(Keep watching the following threads to find videos with transcripts for all tutorials. Any question ask here and we will create a video to update)​


This is the playlist for many methods and how to use each of the tools that you will find inside the application.

  • Sell leads
  • Sell affiliate products.
  • Narrow your audience in Google Adwords, Facebook, and more custom audiences for PPC campaigns.
  • EXTRACT AND MESSAGE Email Addresses of all Merchants, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs on!
    • Promote LOANs, CPA Offers From Maxbounty or Peerfly => MONEY
  • EXTRACT AND MESSAGE Email Addresses of many members on any Forums, and other Marketing Forums.
    • WOW => Promote Making Money Online Products from Jvzoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, affiliate. => MONEY Again!
  • EXTRACT AND MESSAGE Email Addresses of people Who are Interested in Losing Weight, Keep Fit, 6 Pack Abs, Body Building... Supplements
    • WOW => Promote Health, Keep Fit,... Products => MONEY Again and Again!
  • EXTRACT AND MESSAGE Email Addresses of all the members who are Vendors, affiliate Marketers in a group
    • WOW => Sell the Databases! => MONEY Again, Again and Again!
  • EXTRACT AND MESSAGE Email Addresses in all targeted Facebook Groups => Import To Facebook Custom Audience
    • WOW => Sell Anything You Want! => MONEY Again, Again and Again!

Look at how much businesses are having to pay for LEADS!
You can sell Leads for a FRACTION of what they are paying and STILL MAKE A FORTUNE!

There are no limits on how to use it, it's something that has different uses in different niches and industries. This is what is very valuable on this system, you will find many more ways of monetizing it, if not, read old threads from past BSTs.

You will also have access to our Lead Growth Hacking EBOOK methods with all the booleans possible to find contacts around all the web using the main search engines + different methods, cold emailing ideas, how to connect with HubSpot, activate SMTP on GSuite, activate pixel for tracking email openings, spin your messages, and much more of all knowledge gathered within helping hundreds of existing customers. Methods that will really get you leads and people interested, how to narrow the audience and reach important contacts.

Make sure you grab your 50% discount before the coupon run out of usages (200):
Use this coupon:
APPLY IT In this URL: -> Make sure to select LIFETIME LICENSE.​

This reloaded smart software includes a full Step By Step guide made into an invaluable eBook for data researching the internet.
We will be constantly adding more things into this Digital eBook which will only be accessible for paying customers (Not in a trial).

Proven Profit Methods Training.
  • YES, you need to be shown how to make money with the software.
  • YES, You WILL make money using this software together with our proven methods - no exceptions.
  • YES, it’s easier than you think ESPECIALLY easy when you learn our 'TRADE SECRET METHODS'.
  • YES, you will learn how to search the entire internet like a PRO using Search Engine commands and tools for crawling different domains.
  • Also, several other income streams are possible with LINK&GROW and the other software and methods we use with it.

You will now see the REAL VALUE of buying from us - how to actually make money with the software.
  • Automated Delivery Of Your Messages on different Networks such as Linkedin, AngelList, Yelp & more!
  • Built-in Network Automation for Linkedin is just the start.
  • Mass Send SMTP to all the data for Companies and Profiles.
  • Mass Send SMS/WhatsApp and Voice via Twilio API and others to come.
  • Display logs for all operations in the system.
  • All networks enable you to connect with People You May Know.
  • Verify all data that you scraped before enriching.
  • Use the data to narrow up your audiences using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more with custom audiences.
  • Automation functions that can be used with your account in order to grab or post specific data.
  • Make sure to visit our landing page for more updates about the software:
  • Also make sure to read the latest threads for updates in this same conversation, use your coupon, and you can enjoy 24 hours for free on the software. If you like it and you paid yearly, make sure to contact us to take that amount paid to add it to get a Lifetime license.

Email: [email protected]


  • The official documentation is here: It shows all the common problems and it will be updated constantly based on user questions.
  • If you encounter problems with the Windows version it will give probably false negatives since we use Selenium, very well known as a false negative.
We are doing our best to migrate the lead search from Search Engines into the Web version and when you open the Desktop software you will have all the data loaded from the cloud database and there you can select for Enrichment on the Data Extractor tab and then create Campaigns on the Campaigns tab.

  • The Automator tab is yet not ready since we are integrating a set of cloud rules and configurations where users can create and provide into a pool of configurations for different networks. This will create a new ecosystem where many networks will be added constantly and people will be able to create their own and update them constantly.

  • The Mac OSX version right now is outdated and not working properly on the Lead tab. We are working with Big Sur latest version and we managed to fix Python 3.9 issue with the compiler, but we are needing now a sudoer for this since we are using Selenium. This is causing a conflict with Mac OSX security. The license for software that uses Selenium is a bit difficult to get so we can get an official installer.
    We will dig deeper on how to properly do this, otherwise, we will need to port to Javascript and Electron which is easily compiled for every OSX, but you need an install within each of these Operative Systems in order to compile. So we will probably fall into the same issue.
    So we probably will have a solution next month for all OSX users, but the Windows system is working properly.

For installing the Windows version, if you encounter a problem, please follow the next steps:
Common Fix Steps - Please Try These Before Posting a Complaint!
If you have problems getting Link&Grow to run
please try these common fix steps "1 BY 1" :

some simple steps that fix most common issues :

(eg. Stuck on "Loading...", wont open, crashes etc etc ....)

1 - Try Running Link&Grow with AND WITHOUT "Administrator" privellages
2 - Install this (C++ Redistributable)
3 - Install this (.NET 4.5)
-> Alternative working .NET Frameworks :
.NET 4.6.0 Official link -
.NET 4.6.1 Official link -
.NET 4.6.2 Official link -
4 - Make sure your AV and Firewall are not blocking, add the bot to any whitelists
5 - make sure Windows UAC is not blocking the bot from functioning
6 - Move the bot folder including ALL FILES to "C://"
7 - Try setting compatibility to Windows Vista SP2
8 - Restart your PC


Here are some reviews from our customers from the BST on the first version:​
Marketplace Thread Approved

This software has been tested by the marketplace moderation team to ensure that it meets the standards for the marketplace. We cannot guarantee any satisfaction with the software you receive. Please do your own due diligence in looking into the seller and seeing if this software is what you are looking for.

Service Information
  • The software delivered for the review did contain the advertised features for the top-level plan of this software (lifetime)
  • The software and its GUI were functional with little to no errors.
  • The software was able to carry out the tasks given to it for the purpose of the review.
Thread Edit Log
  • The 5 most recent thread edits will appear here
With anything more than 5 going in here
Information For Buyers:
  • Service Quality: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.
  • Disputes: If you do not receive a product or service as advertised, or at all in the event of a dispute, do not be afraid of a "no refunds" refund policy as you are allowed to request a refund through the shit list process. For more information and to see whether or not your dispute qualifies, refer to the shit list rules and procedures.
  • Review Copies: Per the marketplace rules, if a seller does not offer trials or review copies, please do not request them in the sales thread, otherwise your post will be removed and further action may be taken.
one of my favorite products on bhw. always updated, super creative software - scraping all custom domains. bought lifetime back 1 year ago ago and never regretted it.
I want to try this interesting marketing software suite for 72 hrs.
Sending PM with instructions.
one of my favorite products on bhw. always updated, super creative software - scraping all custom domains. bought lifetime back 1 year ago ago and never regretted it.
Thank you for your review!

Here is a video showing how to easily use the Google Places API crawler tool inside the Link&Grow Suite, it is a Web application:

It looks simple, but the truth is that we get real-time data from Google Places API, and then, crawl each URL to find emails.
A great way for your B2B campaigns.

Any questions let me know, I will answer with more videos explaining each tool.
Get your 50% discount coupon on Lifetime.
looks promising , will like to have 72 hours trial.
sending via PM the steps.

Here is a quick overview of the web application tools that you can access with your membership or Lifetime license.

It shows the lead grabber with custom commands, where we will connect the database with the Desktop app and add custom commands.
Mass Keyword Suggestion real-time scraper to gain insights of what is trending on searches either on Amazon, eBay, Youtube, Google, Bing, and more to come.
The HTML builder with all the templates and we will constantly add more eventually.
The email campaign sender where you first need to verify your domain and emails to use with Amazon SES.
I'd love to try it out for 72 hours, is it still available?
I'd love to try it out for 72 hours, is it still available?
Yes sure, sending PM with instructions.

Here is another tutorial on How to Scrape Instagram with Lead tab + Data Extractor tab:
This will show you how to extract XPaths for different fields you want to scrape and configure ANY network that you want to scrape.

This other video shows you how to do it with Foursquare instead:

Hope this explains the dynamics and lets you see the potential it has. We are preparing a Free webinar on teaching how to get valuable B2B data to create some cold emailing campaigns.

Grab you 50% discount on Lifetime.
The product really has potential.
Thank you so much, we keep adding features that customers suggest. Creating a very solid and stable Suite that is very cost-effective to all people starting on Internet Business.
we will soon add more exciting stuff.
I want to try this interesting marketing software suite for 72 hrs
On the registration page, you can get them for free, right now the coupon logic so you don't need to use a Paypal account is deactivated for maintenance. Otherwise, if you buy Lifetime and do not like it, I offer 7 days' money back.

I worked this week on creating a global database where we will store the Leads you scrape either on the Web Application or the Desktop Application. Allowing you to share data and do different actions you cannot do on Web App and vice-versa.

We also added a database of all your scraped Leads/Data so you can consult your membership and download the big data to process.

This will bring new grounds between what we can do with a server, or with our own powerful computers emulating different browsers and configurations such as Multilogin can do.

I'm quite excited to think about all possibilities of doing a marketplace where people can sell recipes, processing, and buying credits to operate API. + Helping people create their own custom SaaS system to resell using all our API and infrastructure of users.

Anyway, first things first. Will be launching version 0.9.9 before the weekends. I will reactivate the Automator tab and the next version will have a config system for Automator such as we have for the Data extractor. Working on it.

You can support my development by getting your membership. Thanks to all.
so I can scrape Emails on instagram? how fast? and can I add multiple instagram accounts to make it faster>
so I can scrape Emails on instagram? how fast? and can I add multiple instagram accounts to make it faster>
Yes sure, in fact, you are going to get SERPs results, then enrich using the Data Extractor tab.
Plus with the Automator tab, you will be able to crawl users' followers to scrape them with account login.

Here is a video explaining how to scrape instagram URLs with Emails and how to Enrich those URLs with full profile data:
I want to try this interesting marketing software suite for 72 hrs.
so how long would it take to scrape 100k instagram accounts for emails?
I registered but there is no option to pay via MasterCard, only showing PayPal and bitcoin.

username: lieq2021


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I want to try this interesting marketing software suite for 72 hrs.
I want to try this interesting marketing software suite for 72 hrs
Sending instructions on PM.

so how long would it take to scrape 100k instagram accounts for emails?
About 15-30 hrs. Depending on the pool usage. But you can use your own backconnect proxy if you want to go faster. Also, we will deliver results from the Cloud databases we are adding, this Cloud database is constantly growing and being refreshed/enriched thanks to all customers scraping.
I registered but there is no option to pay via MasterCard, only showing PayPal and bitcoin.

username: lieq2021
I believe Paypal accepts Mastercard. But if you are not allowed, What is the best method for you? I will try add other payments.

Here I add a tutorial on how to scrape Foursquare step by step.
Interested in free Trial for 72 hours.
a) Can we add our own Rotating Proxy IPs
b) Can we export the results in CSV format directly from the desktop software?
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