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Feb 27, 2009
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Order received. Thanks!

The Reviews Don't Lie!


@jstover77 did a real nice job providing links on relevant aged articles. Curated links are solid as a rock for getting a site ranked and his pricing is, in my opinion as someone who knows this field, VERY good.

Links are placed and then the sites are reindexed by @jstover77 so you are going to have an aged link on a relevant article.

Google may just want to have your baby once it sees your site links.
I received a review copy of this service - @jstover77 placed my link on a hyper-targeted article - so targeted it looked like it was made for my link.
The stats for the site where this link has been placed are great as well - DA30, 2900RD (According to Moz).

These links are undoubtedly very powerful and I think the pricing is very reasonable.

I'll definitely be purchasing some of these links soon, in addition to this review copy.

Get in on this whilst you can.
I received an incredible review link from @jstover77

RD670, UR40, DR28

The link was placed on a legit article that was indexed, for the keyword specified, in an article that was interestingly cross-topic (about my topic but in a completely different niche). I'm already seeing boosts for my article, which is over 4,000 words and targeting a very high MS travel term.

Communication was top notch, the process was incredible, and for the metrics, this is well worth the cost. Will be checking again in a few weeks and following up by having this post edited with movements.

Thanks for the review!
I'll keep this short and sweet:

1. I received a link to review this service.

2. As most of you know, I'm very hard on my reviews and you'll rarely see me posting a positive review about a service - so when it does come it really means something.

3. This service is fantastic. When John says, "you can’t get anymore natural than this" he truly means it. This is the most genuine-looking link I have ever purchased / received. The communication was great, the domain met the metrics promised (456RD), the article was well crafted to my niche... I'm overall very impressed with this service!

It's well worth what he's charging - I'd highly recommend you try this one out!!

I ordered a couple of these links using the discount code.

Downside here is I screwed up and only ordered 2 links !!!:weep:

First link Ahrefs ranking is 972k and the DR 45.
It's got 805 referring domains

Looking at Moz, the exact page has PA24, while the domain is a DA42.

Second link is a DA 66, PA 31 direct to the page, the domain is a DR 68

Content was linking out to NY Times and other huge names, links were in place and blended in nicely.

View attachment 115913

The second link went to a different page;
View attachment 115915

I will be ordering again.
This is not a case of just buying links, this is an investment!
Hello, Just emailed John and he instantly replied. I was impressed so I put in a order, I will review again after the order is complete.

Thanks john!
Review time

Ordered 5 links with the discount offered on the day this thread started. John delivered 5 links yesterday and IMHO at this price point you can't get anything better. Others posted about RD, DA, PA and all that jazz - it's all there and it's all good.

I was mostly impressed how well the links blend in with the pages they are on. I gave him a website in a pretty specific niche that's not easy to find good links for. The pages he placed my links on are 100% on point and the backlinks seem perfectly natural to be there.

It's way too early for any SERP movement but I'm confident that in a few weeks the results will be good. I'll be buying more of these bad boys for sure
i purchased a review copy of the combo package (5 X 200RD Link Drops and 5 RD X 400RD Link Drops).

the seller over delivered indeed - RD of the 10 domains ranges between 172 and 891.

what i like the most about this service is the super high relevancy of the content. for instance, one of my money site is about sneakers, and it received a link from a blog post that discusses sneakers. it is extremely natural for my money site to receive such a link.

all the links are indexed, but they are not appearing in google's cache yet. but i believe that they will be reindexed within a few weeks.

the only thing that is weird to me is that out of the 10 links, i received 2 links from the same domain (but different pages). but this domain is also one of the strongest domain that i received, so i have no complaints here :)

i have purchased other link drops services before, but none of their quality comes close to this service. this will definitely be one of my regular services for top-notch backlinks!
Very impressed with the seller and this service. I bought 1 link as I wanted to test the service and I am not disappointed at all it was a very strong domain with good traffic and in the niche I requested. link blends in the article perfectly, I will be ordering many more for sure.

I was lucky enough to get the 25% discount on the day the service was launched - I've ordered a mix of 5 RD100+ and 5 RD400+ links. I am not a big blogger and don't make a ton of money with my site just yet but still thought of it as a great investment - great reviews from moderators and members, a little bit of my own research and a few questions to John that were answered promptly - and I decided to give it a shot.

I've requested all the links to the homepage with mostly generic anchors.

Got everything done very quickly and received my report this morning - a nice excel spreadsheet with everything in it.

All 10 sites RD stats are higher that advertised, the articles are all aged. I couldn't have done better placement myself - everything blends in organically - it's as good and whitehat as it gets.

I've never worked with John before because I am just transitioning from cheaper PBN and similar links to higher quality services like this one - but will surely order again! The communication has been fantastic and John went above and beyond to fill me in on everything and even took his precious time to give me an advice on a few aspects on my site.

To sum up, outstanding service. Thank you very much and great job, sir!
review time!

got an awesome 25% for these. i bought 2 links to test this service. before starting, i exchange conversation with OP to how this beast works and after a while, i decided to try this out.

oh, by the way @jstover77 rushed my order without charging me anything. now that's a plus! ;)

communication is really a thing specially between sellers and buyers and it seems OP is good at this. he even gave me tips. 10/10 for this.

as said before, the link placement from this really looks natural and placed perfectly like its part of the original content.

final verdict:
i will make this service part of my game play. very very professional. highly recommended. kudos to @jstover77

This is the real deal.

I did not get any discount for my test order so this is 100% unbiased review.

My experience matches with others on this thread. I doubt anybody else here ordered this for a site in as technical and competitive niche as mine and I am very pleasantly surprised at the quality of content match John found for me. I am also very pleased with how natural this link looks. I spend a lot of money on outreach guest posts (not the cheap pbns and not the spammed to hell "guest blogs" sold here), the quality of link received from John is something that costs me between $700 to $1200 for a guest post. I am seriously considering moving most of my budget to this service, pending some answers from John and his expert opinion.

Too bad I am not able to get on Skype during normal work hours due to my current schedule and it is taking longer to communicate through email but he is very prompt in responding to emails and tickets too. I thought I'd add this because everybody keeps talking about their good experience communicating with John on Skype.

Birds of same feather flock together... If you are a serious business owner who cannot take risk with blackhat junk, you need this. I have not even bothered to look at the metrics because I can tell just from one look at the page that this is exactly what I need.

Starting a monthly subscription. I'm too busy to actively participate in discussions here but if I get the time, I will post an update of rankings in a month.
I ordered one link from John, I am totally new to this. John has literally went above and beyond. He has stayed in communication with me the whole time (via email) and has offered me advice on my website which I greatly appreciate. On top of all that he produced a high quality link for me that went above and beyond what I paid for. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship, thanks again!
Made two orders with istover77 so far, the first was a test order and the second was one of his combo packages. Both times he overdelivered by a large margin. In the combo pack the amount of referring domains is doubled for those that I checked. The links are well placed and hidden to fit perfectly with the article and he is super responsive with any questions or anchor text/on-page suggestions.

I highly recommend his services and I'll be including more of his links for all of my campaigns.

Thank you for the great work!
First order was for a 400RD domain/link. The content is very well written. Lately I've been really disappointed in the sellers here and the content. Quality top notch service!
I ordered package b from John. The first link I got was not very relevant to my site, which he admitted. He offered to leave the link and add another closer to my niche for free. The second link was much better and over delivered on RD. I have to say, his genuine honestly and communication has been blown me away compared to most sellers on this forum. I look forward to working with him in the near future.
Ordered a while back (I like to wait before reviewing)

Great links, all placed in real articles highly related to my clients niche.

Will be back for more
I ordered a 100rd site to try this out. I didn’t talk to him before about my niche or anything. He just upgraded me to a 500rd link drop. Thank you for over delivering! I look forward to seeing the quality of your service. Jstover77 didn’t ask me to mention this. I simply think it’s worth mentioning.
Received a great link :)
I am happy with @jstover77 service !
Will order more in the future !
Just received my first order of 10 links. Bought 100RD x 10. For the price it doesn't get any better than this. Hell, I've had very few PR efforts turn up linking opportunities like this. The sites were contextual and links placed in existing content. I also looked at the link profiles of these sites. Look pretty solid at a glance. DR in ahrefs looks really good on all of the domains pointing at these sites. PBNs and SAPE are still a part of SEO strategy, but I can see this service (after I see results :D , and looking at these links I should see results) replacing my SAPE guy. Sorry bud ;) Won't be renting anymore links.

I've got another order for 5 400RDs and eager to see the links!

Definitely a solid service! 5 stars! As a plus @jstover77 is a great dude to work with!
Just checking in again, I ordered my second package from John. I'll be doing a subscription now! John way over delivered again! Links were indexed already and I am already seeing the benefits. Thanks again!
Yesterday I got my report and I am totally stunned how this guy could get these precious links. I am very impressed by the work he accomplished, and I plan to keep the subscription for a few more months until I see how things go with this service. If I see major improvement, I will stay with him for a long time.
I received 5 links and I am very happy, links on niche sites and in good articles, look natural. One link from very old article.
I'm afraid to imagine a 400rd link :D
I just got my 5x500RD links, and I have to say: I don't know how he does it.

These links are the most naturally placed links I've ever paid for. I'm so glad I don't have to baby-sit them on how to place links naturally. That's the main problem with most link sellers these days. One glimpse from a manual reviewer, and you're going down.

But with these guys...I don't know...I think there's no way in hell a normal person would think that the links were bought.

Amazing work. You got yourself a long-lasting customer.
I just came into the thread to write my review after receiving the same package and this poster has pretty much written word for word what I wanted to. Amazing links and they look so natural. I can't wait to see the effect they have on my page. One negative thing though, it's made me regret how much I've wasted on other services.:D

I will definitely be reordering at some point
Got my report for my monthly subscription today. And I'm very happy with the links as they were some of the best natural links you can have.
The niche was exactly what I need, which was not easy to have.
On top of that, John even throws in a free 500 RD+ links for my next order.
Amazing job. I will keep using this service for my sites for a long time.
Thanks John.
Just got my order for 500 RD+ Great job! Links placed on high quality sites with traffic. This is much better than the PBNs or other linking services you'll find here. Thanks again J!
So my first orders have been finished, and I am impressed by the quality of these babies. Contextual and on topic, high authority aged posts. What else does one need? Seriously, he has done an outstanding job, and I have no issues whatsoever giving him credit for his work. Thanks bud, you rock!
Baaammm my second delivery. Three super nice RD500 links.
The articles are old.
The content is REAL.
The websites are REAL with nice metrics and traffic.
TAT was also in time.
Thanks mate.
Got my first order delivered and was very impressed with the quality of the links:

Aged articles
Natural link placement
All 500+ RD - some even had 3400+ RD
All had impressive DA and DR as well

Will definitely be ordering more for our agency site and client sites...
Got my first order delivered and was very impressed with the quality of the links:

Aged articles
Natural link placement
All 500+ RD - some even had 3400+ RD
All had impressive DA and DR as well

Will definitely be ordering more for our agency site and client sites...
Links are amazing. Real sites with traffic and high authority. RD number is amazing! But for results i will update this post after cache is updated (actually on first post last cache is from 15 may, second one from 20 juny) so i will know if is there any effect for seo :))
Purchased on July 5, link was delivered on the 10th. Good link, good site. Happy with the results and plan on using again.
Just read my report and I have to say this is an excellent service! Links are placed in a way that looks very natural.
Excellent service, prompt and professional responses when I needed help. Good backlinks. A+ service.

I've been intrigued by this service since it launched (I was the first person to ask for a sample). I held back from ordering because I wasn't entirely sure whether Google would be able to determine that these were paid for.

I bit the bullet about a month ago and ordered 2 RD400 links as a test order.

@jstover77 has been great throughout - quick to respond to questions, helpful in setting up my order, and happy to resend my report after I accidentally deleted it.

Both links are placed on 500 RD domains (according to ahrefs), so I've been given a slight upgrade there.

They have the anchor text I specified, and are on articles that are about the same topic as the target page (very high topical relevance although in a different niche).

The links are in the first few paragraphs of the articles, so a prime position in terms of link juice being passed. There are other links within the articles so mine don't look out of place.

The pages have recently been re-indexed by Google, and the links are showing in Google's cache.

The articles were written a while back (as you would expect) and are unlikely to be read often nowadays. Therefore, these links are unlikely to generate traffic. I knew this when I ordered, and John also mentioned it before I ordered. The reason to use these links is to raise authority and to pass juice from high RD domains.

The TAT was 3 weeks. I would have preferred for it to be less (two would be OK), but I know John wasn't ready for the popularity of this service. I'd hope that in time, he'd be able to reduce the TAT.

I don't believe that Google would be able to tell whether these links were paid for. The anchor text of the links fits within the articles seamlessly. The target page is relevant to the article and could be legitimately linked to.

Nor do I believe that the risk of these links being taken down at a later date is any greater than for traditional guest posts. These are well placed links that (in my opinion) do not detract from the original article.

It is only a week since these were delivered. However, given the topical relevance of the pages on which the links were placed, and the RD of both, I'd be very surprised if I didn't get a SERP rise.

If niche edits can form part of your strategy, I'd highly recommend this service.
I've received two additional links from John for different web properties of mine, totaling three different high quality links. Stats for the domains of the three:

DR9, RD426
DR25, RD153
DR27, RD509

The links are placed either in direct niche or cross niche articles of relevance, and are placed in context such that it doesn't disturb the flow of the article. Communication is top notch. Zero complaints or concerns from me.
Got two links... strong metrics, aged pages... what more can you ask for! Will continue to use this service.
First time I tried this service out and I am very impressed. Got the report today, and John informed me that it can take up to 30 days for the links to reindex. Have no doubt that these links will do wonders and I will definitely be back for more.
Order my Links 2 weeks ago and just got the report, the links look fairly good and on decent pages, no time yet to see updates and rank changes but the service was as described ... very good service and TAT as described, ill update in a few weeks with results (good or bad)

Those on the fence give it a go you wont be disappointed
I've just received my report for 5 powerful links (some domains have 4000+ RD). Now let's wait and see what this baby can do for rankings.
Just wanted to leave a short review.

I ordered 1x 100RD link just as a trial. These links look like / are genuine sites. No PBN's here which was exactly was I was looking for.
It took 3 weeks to get the link but was well worth the wait.

According to SEM Rush his link had 881 referring domains which is way more than I expected. Thanks for this!
The site was running under http instead of https. The link in the article made sense and was placed in the second paragraph. The only shame here was there was another link to an external site placed in the first paragraph which looks like was added in August 2018.

It's been 11 days since i've had the link, I wanted to wait a month or two to see the effect in terms of traffic and keyword movement but as it's only one week, not sure how much of a change i'd see. I did have a pretty large boost around 7 days before I received the link so not sure is that is from my other SEO work or if the link was placed in the article before I received. Either way this link is very good and i'm expecting only good things.

Overall this is probably one of the best links i've paid for and will be going for a couple of 5x package over the next few weeks in preparation for Black Friday and Christmas sales.
I've tried so many providers here on BHW and most of the links are JUNK. John's links are the best and what took us from #9/#10 straight up to #4 within a month. You can either have thousands of spammy links that won't help you at all or just get a few really powerful links from John. I've just placed an order of Domination Package for a new site, will update here again in a month.
Best link placements on BHW.
Order placed for 10 DR40 links.
Just received my report and I'm really happy with what I've received.

Will be placing another order soon.
Awesome service and great back links. Will be ordering more. Highly recommended.

I received the link last night. Total TAT is 21 days.

The article itself is relevant, and seller is friendly as well.

Semrush stats says the RD is 2.8k and got a few hundred traffic, although a few months back the traffic was huge.

And most importantly I got aged article which is posted on March 2014 and huge RD. I hope it gets indexed soon.

Really happy with what I got. Thank you.

Oh yeah, some words on your selling thread page got an error like:
"Why don’t you use metrics like TF, CF, DA, Traffic, etc.?"
Purchased custom package. John is very polite and friendly person. I love dealing with him. Not to mention, he has given me significant discount along with onsite audit. I never spend this much money but i am confident John will not disappoint me.
Holy-Grail links effects :)... (Italian keyword, 4 Million monthly volume!)
I'm going to give an updated review of @jstover77 service. This will be a brutally honest review. Normally, I wouldn't put too much effort or time doing reviews, but this guy deserves it.. so here it goes.

So I purchased 8 links for a website that I was willing to risk to test John's service.

I received my report 21 days after payment and thought everything looked well. However, I didn't really check for metrics and whether the articles are indexed as I was really busy with my factory and business.

I got my assistant to check his report, and upon checking, my assistant realized that there were some problems...

However this is what made John different from the rest... I purposely tested him with my sarcasm and etc to see if he'll be responsible...

John was apologetic right from the beginning, and promised to fix them.

He fixed them well, and was totally responsible....

His prices maybe more expensive some other niche edit providers... but you get what you pay for.

@jstover77, you just earned yourself a big client. I'll be placing bulk orders for my real websites.

Kudos to you.
Just checked out my report, very happy with this service again. These are some epic links!
Very impressed with my initial order, this is legit. Placed 3 more orders with sites stuck on Page 2 and 3.
Let me first say, J is the mf-ing man.

I've tried out 4 other sellers here claiming to sell edit links. J was the first I tested out. Although the link was good I wanted to see what others deliver. Absolute trash, that's what they delivered. One guy was late by a month and when he finally delivered it was a link on a post that was only 2 weeks old and probably one of his PBN sites.

J's service is one of a kind. Just received another order for 10x DR 30-40 (I ordered 2 of the 5x DR's) and the links are beyond bad ass. Looking forward to other orders and will be ordering more.
Yo John

You've got some great links
Just wanted to leave a quick review in case anyone'e sat on the fence here.

Back in October 2019 I bought a test order from John for just one link from a 30-40 RD niche edit, for a fairly low-medium competition keyword.

Took just under 3 weeks to complete, and was promptly sent a URL report after.

The site my link was placed on is legit, and has good DR. Was a pre-existing article with natural link placement. Basically exactly what you'd want.

If I remember rightly, my order was completed around 19th November, and on 22nd November my target keyword shot up from #22 to #7, where it's remained to this day. I've done no other link building to that page, nor have I done any on page for it.

Definitely the best link/nice edit service I've used, not just here but anywhere.

Have just placed another order, this time for 500RD. If the 30-40RD link achieved that, I can't wait to see what this new order can do.
Take my money John. Not asking for discount, paying full amount for the Rush TAT.

2 × DR Filtered Custom (Agency Level) $4,999.00 ordered.


Please follow my instructions properly (and ensure your staffs do so too).

Short honest review: I've been using this guy for awhile. I think I've spent more than $20,000 on him. If you're looking for somebody responsible and does what he promised to do, he's the guy you're looking for. The links work - if your website's on-page SEO is on-point and you know what you're doing.. these links will do wonders. It'll take time to see results (gone are the days when you can see results in few days or a week... you'll have to wait at least 3 weeks if not more for Google to show you some love).

Now John... since I've spend more money on you and given you a honest review without you asking for one, please return the love and do your magic. ;)
Another report delivered. Great as always. J is one of the sellers here that actually cares about their clients and the quality of work they provide. He's also a bad ass drummer ;) and genuinely a good dude. I sincerely appreciate you J!
Service / Product Review

I Don't post many reviews, frankly because I've ordered quite a few services on BHW but often found that although there's a short term boost, I'm left with no long term solution.

All this stopped when I started talking with John.

Instead of just receiving a sales pitch, looking for money, I can sense John actually just wants what's best long term.

He hasn't once advised me to take his biggest package, instead advising on a slow but consistent method.

He's set me up with full rank tracking, and it's actually good to speak with him. He gets excited when my rank increases, and he's also gone far beyond what he needed to, to help me succeed.

I've only ordered 2x packages so far, but the links were astounding.

There was one hiccup, as I ordered 5 x DR40 links and received a DR35... I felt a bit bad complaining as its still a quality link.

John wasn't happy with this outcome, so he provided me a replacement link to the value of DR53. Outstanding.

2 months in I've seen a solid upwards curve, with a $1800 spend and $90 return currently.

Im ranking for keywords organically, and starting to attack page 1 with high competition keywords.

Excited for the future and I'll be back in a few months with an update!
Just placed a second order! These are super nice links perfect for any money site. The best experience I have had in obtaining niche edits. Good stuff!
Just placed a second order! These are super nice links perfect for any money site. The best experience I have had in obtaining niche edits. Good stuff!
Review Time

My first order of 10 DR 20-30 links was amazing. I've bought a bunch of crap off this website over the years that has probably done more harm than good. But these links are great. They are the most natural placement I've seen. Look forward to seeing what these links can do long-term.

Placed another order for 10 more DR links to a different page on the same site. Submitted the link/anchor info in my client portal. Thank you!

After asking some questions and getting further information I placed a small order to test this service. Everything was delivered as advertised so I placed an order for an Agency Level package. I am extremely happy with the quality of links and service. The communication is by far the best of any seller that I have dealt with from BHW or other sources. Customizing campaigns is straightforward and easy. Highly recommend to anyone looking for link building.

Running multiple discounts on all orders, bulk, and BTC. Contact me via Skype or PM for more details!


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