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Link Collider experiences?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Mydragonsfly, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Mydragonsfly

    Mydragonsfly Newbie

    Feb 7, 2013
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    High school
    I gave the web a good search for reviews yet I still feel unsatisfied with what Im hearing about Link Collider. Not to mention you guys seem to know a good deal of SEO (hopefully), so Im wondering a few things.

    First off how has your experience with LC been?

    Secondly, is LC a white or black hat way of doing SEO?

    For now Im only interested in the facebook shares, likes and tweets. A little problem with the likes however is that I have to upload an API gateway URL file to my website. A long time ago I used the downloadable file that google anyaltics provided to get my site seen by GA, and a scan of my websites most popular pages listed that file as number one having received many, many hits. To get the facebook likes I have the file uploaded on my homepage, I'd like to make that file invisible so it cant be downloaded, and with my very slim knowledge of html I don't know how to hide the file. I'm considering just uploading the file to another page on my website and hiding it on the navbar and keeping it from search engines, but I'm unsure if that will get me the likes that I want (for a page that is hidden and irreverent from my website).

    If it helps anyone, I'm useing Weeblys free site hosting plan. I really hope to upgrade but Im not bringing in any refferal commissions to do so yet.
  2. mmelodym

    mmelodym Newbie

    Sep 24, 2015
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    Regarding Link Collider, my experiences have been surprisingly positive. I use it for my blog and associated writings that have to do with a very specific area, but even given the inherent limitations of gaining likes, readership, etc when writing about a very narrow area of specialization (within linguistics), Link Collider has managed to connect me with readers from around the world, who otherwise may not have found my blog and forum. It has also connected me with blogging communities / fora of others with specialization areas that are not associated with my area in the narrowest sense, but have some overlap, or are related in some way to the broader topic of my research and writing.

    It REALLY helped in two specific ways. First, I was able to use the significantly increased traffic, likes, and feedback that followed my use of Link Collider to justify an extension of my current study. Secondly, when I was promoting the update of a reference book that was published in a language different than the country in which I live, and which was published on a different continent, the use of Link Collider resulted in almost 3 times the traffic to the book's site within a month than had been generated in the seven months prior. The fact that its users are world-wide allowed us to both get likes, feedback and orders from people we most likely would have never reached through more traditional means. The fact that Link Collider operates as an exchange with a social-network like platform means that REAL PEOPLE are actually interacting with your site / blog / forum, and isn't some computer-generated fake experience. Also, I ended up finding a number of blogs / sites that were of interest to me, that I never would have found otherwise.

    When I registered with Link Collider, I wasn't expecting much. So I've been pleasantly surprised by the results. Interestingly, I signed up for gplusworld the other day, and it looks an awful lot like the Link Collider set-up, which, to me, demonstrates that they are doing something effective, if Google is undertaking basically the same set-up. I guess I don't understand what you mean that you "feel unsatisfied with what (you are) hearing"--my recommendation is to try it. If blogs / fora / sites that have to do with a topic as esoteric and narrow as mine can benefit (increased traffic and actual interaction), then simply generating FB shares, likes, and tweets should be relatively straightforward for you.