link building plan for authority site with lots of quality content, any suggestions?

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    hey folks,

    I am working on a white hat authority site based on wordpress... the main strategy for that site will be lots of useful and unique content. But since that will take a LOT of time, maybe you guys can help me out with tricks to add some fast links to new content, maybe even automated...? Stuff that does NOT require me to put work into spinning articles, or write new content just for a link.

    Right now my strategy would be something along the lines of:
    1. web directories. No big link value here, but still adds some value...
    2. forum posts... Well I said no additional content, but since this will be very targeted, it will not only provide me with a link, but also with some traffic. (I'm even thinking about some scrapebox blasts to such forum posts, what do you think?)
    3. answering questions on ask(on occation...)
    4. once an article has been indexed by google, sending the SAME article, unspun, with AMR to article directories. I will get a devalued link, but google should not see this as cheating, since well the content is easy to identify... right? Also, the other sites should not get ranked because google saw my content first and therefore should devalue the younger versions.
    5. Every article gets pinged with the major search engines automatically
    6. asking people at the end of every article to link to it / share it
    7. submit my rss feed automatically to lots of rpc services
    8. minimal automated scrapebox blasts each day
    9. javascript that automatically adds a link to posts when copy/pasting
    10. automatically add a footer to my rss feed items with my link

    So... any idea on other sources I could get backlinks from, the more automated, the better...?

    I guess I am not even interested in ranking for special keywords for now, lol, cause I am more interested in the general authority of my site. So other then doing some onpage keyword optimization, as well as a proper site structure, it's not that important for now. Later on there will be special pages that I would like to rank for certain keywords, but getting a site to rank for a good keyword is such a pain in the ass that I'll gladly accept any random long tail visitors that I get through site authority...
    Additionally I will hope for traffic through forum links, as well as traffic through the dublicate articles that will show up on other article sites.
    I have no idea if this will work though. Gonna try though unless u guys got a better idea.

    I also count on people linking to me, because they like my content.

    Eventually I will do Buffer blogs to the most important pages on my site and linkwheel(SLR)/scrapebox them to death... and write some quality articles for the main article directories to get traffic to those pages. However, thats totally impractical for the majority of my pages, since my goal will be lots of quality content, there is only so much time a day to spend... and 90% will be on posting quality content... So I would really appreciate any tips u guys could give me to speed up general link building(free only for the moment)! Maybe there is a guide or two you guys could recommend, or some outstanding posts on bhw... I've been out of the seo game for some time now and need to catch up!

    Thanks for anyone willing to push me into the right direction, I really appreciate it.
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