[LINK] 5 Things You Can Do If Your Domain Gets Hijacked

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    people keep asking what to do about their stolen web content. here's your answer... :batman:

    5 Things to Do In Case of Domain Hijacking

    You just awoke to find you are victim to a domain hijacking. Your website is down, and has been replaced by ads for sexual performance enhancing products. Your domain is now owned by an individual in Thailand with a phony name and address.

    Or, perhaps you operate a successful on line business in the U.S. and learn someone in Australia has copied your entire site, and launched an Australian version of the site as their own, using your trademark in the domain but with an .au ending?

    Your ".com" is now a statistic, one of thousands that are the subject of domain hijacking each year.

    What if the offending domain is a deliberate misspelling of your domain or trademark, and the landing page and contains content advertising similar goods or services? Dozens of sites containing misspellings being monetized with Pay Per Click Ads (PPC's) can add up to serious income for typosquatters.

    Here are the top things you need to ask, answer and know.