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limted & " look like the number didnt regstried with your name "

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by The Miz, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. The Miz

    The Miz Junior Member

    Oct 14, 2016
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    Hello ,
    So I have an 3 aged paypal accounts with good history , one day I made donation button , and paid through it 1500$-500-500 from prepaid cards (~ 25-30-35 each card ) ...
    the 500-500 accounts :
    refuse to send money so I change the agent to iphone and bad luck I cant log in any more , they ask for phone verfication I already used google voice number . when I try to log in they didnt show my number , when I try to add real number they say " it look like this number isnt regstried wth your name "
    other option to log in is upload an ID But I didnt remmeber any thing just the accounts name !!!
    this my accounts not hacked + I can log to email , the problem is I cant log in cause cant add number + didnt know the account birth day or address.

    1500 account :
    I try to send money But cant ( I can send small amount 40+90 $ )
    I call pp and tell them I get the error we cant send your payment right now and they couldnt help .
    next day I try to log in , my account say " Your account is limited "
    We noticed some significant changes to your account activity. To help keep you and the PayPal community secure, we need more information to understand how these changes affect your business. "
    its not full limited . they ask for this things :
    Upload a photo ID

    Provide your business information

    Provide shipment info

    Confirm available inventory
    the prepaid cards I get them from offers sites , I paid with multi names and proxies ..
    now please tell me what the best info I can provide to pass this .
    when I call them I told them We collect donation for our friend travel .
    So now please help me and tell me what the documents should I order .