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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Scorpion Ghost, Dec 19, 2013.

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    I'll begin with giving a small tip on how to get more likes for your Facebook Page. Invite all the friends from your Account/s to like your page, and ask friends you're comfortable with to invite their friends to like your Page. There is a way to invite all the friends from someone's friends list with a few clicks, google it. I did this yesterday with a friend who has 3000 friends, and i got 100+ likes within a day.

    I know, i know, it's not a "new" discovery or anything, but there it is...

    Ok, about the Like-Gate, or reveal tab, or whatever you wanna call it.

    I understand the concept. You set up a page which tells a user to like your facebook page in order to download whatever or get a discount coupon or whatever. And there are facebook apps and sites you can use to set this up as a TAB on your Facebook Fan Page.

    My question is, how do you set this up on your website? And i'm not talking about giving a link to the like-gate tab on your fan page. I'm talking about the user never having to leave your site in order to Like the Fan Page and get what you're offering.

    Is there a site that offers this or a tutorial i can read? Thanks.
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    Hi mate, i just about 2 weeks ago start use fan-gate and i can tell you that is awesome.

    That how to get viral simple video. I will explain that how i use and for me its best way.
    I ripped one script witch i so on my friends news feed.

    How it work:

    You find any funny or shocking video on youtube.

    You set all script to wach whe video.

    Then you set fan-gate.

    How it works, peoples visit your video link they click whact whe video, then pop-ups on video that you have to share video and then click play. Peoples share video and video goes very viral... When they share video they click again on play and then redirect peoples to fan-gate, they have to click like to see all content.

    My rewiew:
    I got o page 107k likes and post every day 4 videos it for me brings 500 - 5000 every day new likes witch is rocks.

    I just want to say very sorry for my english, am from lithuania and learned english froom books ;)
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    search wordpress plugins for a few different ones.
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    Can you share the app? Would like it via PM