Like betting & gaming, how much demand is there for a site that u can bet on video games?

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    Looking for some honest feedback here. The idea is to create a social gaming site that allows users to challenge each other to Head-to-Head, group games, tournaments, etc and place wagers on xbox live, PS3 network games, and PC games online.

    Wins would be verified by our site and payments would be dispursed.

    Players would be rated on a number of criteria including but not limited to wins, money lost/won, etc. and would be available for all to see on their user profile.

    There are already a few sites that do this, but most kinda suck in terms of presentation, etc.

    The only real competitor for this niche (NOT including those that specialize in gaming tournaments like Gamebattles and MLG, etc) is:
    Coding for a site like this is EXPENSIVE, as is the Server costs and maintenance costs. So, the big question I have is...
    How much demand REALISTICALLY is there for such a site? At the low end I would need to have at least 100 games per day to make this worthwhile...its more of a volume business with only transaction fees.
    Thank you!
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    None... too many hardware and software cheats... from controllers that fire off combo moves that humans couldn't do to ping attacks on opponent IP addresses... it would quickly turn into a way to rip people off and probably get targeted eventually as a fraud system. I think the only video game contests that vegas allows gambling on are highly controlled so people can't use the cheats that would otherwise occur from home.
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    On that note I say you do it, it screams blackhat all over it I smell a massive joint venture, we will all promote the site in multiple keyword phrases then people will play the game & we get a small percentage but the real money would be involved targeting the people who are trying to fraud the system. Let them cheat & beat people for their hard earned cash but then once they get ready to cash their big payment we ban them for cheating and pocket their funds. That's how CPA L.ead did it, it is time to take notes :fing26: (jk)

    It sounds like could be something fun to do at least, maybe you could do things to gain interest in your sites infancy. Make your site different keep things free it will help you build traffic. Have a betting system incorporated into the site though but make it called something like VIP AREA. Don't tell them what the area is but let them know they can unlock it after they get X Wins. People will want access to the area & they will also get used to how the site runs trying to unlock the area. After they hit their X Wins they will be happy they accomplished their goal. Let them know the VIP AREA is really a place to win money playing games, tally up the earnings from the users wins & let them know they could have possibly won that much money betting using your system. This might spark their interest & lead to more signups. Maybe I shouldn't be on BHW at like 6am I think I am rambling goodnight.
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    I have seen a few of these sites come and go... none of them did well.
    Then again, they were all terrible at marketing their product.

    While betting on video games is still legal in 39 states, there will be an issue finding a merchant account because it will be coded as MCC 7995 (betting).

    You would have to somehow convince a high risk merchant account provider to code this as MCC 7994 (video gaming), and have them block the IPs of states where it is illegal.

    And even then you would have to pay out your ass in insanely high rates/fees. (6-10% of all volume + around $0.65/ trans + 10-15% 6 month holdback + a very high charge back ratio/fees)