Lifetime Subscription/Piggy Backed on Mine to Jetflicks for IPT Invite/Other Tracker Maybe

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    Mar 18, 2012
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    If you havent seen I love this app, worth looking up, can also be download to be used on PC or Watched on TV but lil Distorted depending on screen size. All popular TV shows going back to Season 1, updated morning ater they air. Can be downloaded as well into 2-300 MB MP4 files. No movies on it, but could trade Android Video Lifetime Subscription instead,both movies and TV although smaller selection on TV.

    Just ask you save user name/password and not mess with settings as there is no need to but myself and a few friends share it. Have been doing so for couple years and watching same time from 2 countries never been issue. Need Tracker to replace Demonoid.

    I only Comment to thank uploader, never get in stupid arguments and last demonoid ratio was over 6X. PM if interested.