Life Time Shares Turn your $1 to $30 or more [auto income]

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    With your $1 share you can get a profit of $30 or more because
    each share has NO EXPIRATION.

    LIFE Time Shares

    Registration : Google "lifetimeshares" [ Ref Code : cashnow ]

    What is a Share?
    A share is simply a divided-up unit of the value of a company. Shares are the best investment available over a long period of time. The growth of share prices comfortably out-paces inflation most years because the best share prices represent the growth in earnings of the best companies.

    When LifeTimeShares was launched?
    We are open to public since February 2011.

    How much does a Share cost at LifeTimeShares ?
    [1$ INVESTMENT] It costs 1 USD per share.

    How can I purchase a share?
    You must have a Paypal, AlertPay or Liberty Reserve Account in order to purchase Shares and withdraw your profits.

    Is there a Limit of how many shares I can purchase?
    There is NO limit how many Shares you can purchase a day or a year, but you can only purchase up to 50 Shares at once.

    When does my Share/Position expire?
    [THIS IS THE BEST PART!] Never. Every Share you purchase is yours for life.

    How much can I earn per Share?
    [HUGE 75% SHARE] You earn a part of 75% from each share that our program sells for life.

    What does "POSITIONS" mean?
    Positions means the amount of Shares you own. Each Share means 1 position. You will earn a part of 75% in every position/share you own.

    How the Profits are divided?
    Once the AlertPay or Liberty Reserve fees and a 25% Admin commission are taken from the share price, the remaining 75% is split equally and distributed in fair shares to the next set of 100 members. So the more shares that are sold, the more money you earn.

    What else do I earn to be an investor?
    For each Share you purchase you earn 2000 banner and 3000 text impressions. Plus lots of advertising bonus available in your member area.

    Can I re-invest my money using my balance?
    Yes. You can purchase as many Shares as you want using your available balance.

    Does my old shares earn commission when I purchase a new share?
    Absolutely. You have a big change to have your old shares in the next set of 100 members.

    When can I withdraw my profits?
    [1$ PAYOUT] You can request a withdrawal when your balance reaches 1 USD.

    How long does it take for my request to be processed?
    It usually takes up to 48 hours.

    How much do I earn from my referrals?
    You earn 5% from your First level and 3% from the Second downline level.

    Payment Accepted : Paypal | Alertpay | Libertyreserve

    I have personal proof and many pics, but can't post them due to limits

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